AOE Stun/Slow Imbalance

AOE Stuns / Slows:

  • Humans: Clap 5/3 seconds (area 25-35)
  • Orc: Stomp 3/2-5/3 seconds (area 25-35)
  • UD: Nova 4/2-7/4 seconds (area 20)
  • UD: Impale 2/1-4/3 seconds (area 25)
  • NE: _____?

These are some of the most common / important big battle (mid/late game) spells. The Stun/Slow is huge for slowing down an army and can be used offensively or defensively. Can also be used to prevent a TP and get a kill. Players often center their core strategy around one of these spells. (…you can hear Neo/Remo’s “HUGE ____ on the entire army!” How many non-ultimates get this much attention?)

NE has NOTHING similar:

  • Fan of Knives does not help control a battle, it is only damage. Also it appears to be used most often by pros against peons :confused:
  • Entangle is per unit not per army. It is seldom useful in large battles. In addition unlike Clap/Stomp/Impale’s stun/slow, it can be dispelled.

Potential Solution 1: ENTANGLE

  • Heavily nurf the Entangle level 2 & 3 duration (who needs 30 seconds on a unit?) AND EITHER:
  • 1A) Heavily reduce cooldown in level 2 and 3 Entangle: Allows rapid fire on multiple units to emulate area effect…
  • 1B) Make Entangle level 2 area=12 and level 3=25. Ideally duration in center (1 unit?) is longer than the edge of area. Now it may actually becomes a useful spell in large battles / end-games! May need to make it dispel proof for 2-3 seconds to keep it useful.
    (my recommendation)

Potential solution 2: SEARING ARROW

  • Add area splash/slow to level 2 & 3 Searing Arrow (and nurf its damage if necessary). Makes POTM much more interesting.

BONUS solution: WISPS

  • Since they are nurfing the wisp mana burn (sob):
  • Detonate could have an added area stun (‘blindness’?) in addition to the reduced mana burn. (take that lev 1. Blades! PTSD revege!)


I mean… war.

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mountain giants
talons of the storm

elf has enough crowd control abilities. not to mention tinker, panda, naga which are all regularly added by elf players.

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Hey fibric, thanks for the reply.

You’re right NE has more units with crowd control than other races. But I’m not sure unit crowd control balances off the hero’s Clap/stomp/impale:

  • NE units are also the most fragile (giant exl.), they need it to even survive.
  • All NE units spells can be dispelled/managed, unlike Stomp/Clap/Impale etc…

You could argue NE is more of a finesse race, requiring more per-unit focusing, and giving one of its heros a stomp like skill would overly change the core feel. You could make an lev/2/3 area entangle a bit smaller than area of stump/clap/impale to keep NE’s finesse design?

Another angle: Splitting stomp/clap/impale into two is an interesting proposition: Warden area damage. Keeper lev 2/3 area stun.

Fact is the Keeper scale up very poorly for large battles. Even his Aura is weakest.

ps. keeping neutral units out of this, they are available to all races.
pps. warden crowd controls?


And it should have? why? Every race have its unique things, elf should have a stun or slow whatever? why is that? is NE under-performing right now?

Sorry but your post lacks a reasoning for it, just cause x race doesnt have “xxx” doesnt mean it should. Thats not a valid argument.

Orc doesnt have a staff or preservation or any magic inmune unit, should we give some to them?

Elf has other tools like: ciclone, entangle, driad slow+dispel, mana burn, taunt, staff, moonwells, magic inmune units…

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That’s a good argument :confused:
My only counter is it is the only race without such a pivotal skill.

Anyway some ppl is talking about add another race, and i think its the way to go to give wc3 a new much needed fresh air. Maybe ogre race, or mercs , or naga, dont know, but it would be way more exciting than this constant “lets buff this and this to force a change in META”.

Maybe start by adding a new hero to each altar or tavern would be a good start.

Which is a good thing. Diversity in Strengths and Weaknesses is what makes the assymetry interesting, otherwise it’d be like all those RTS copycats that only swap around unit graphics and a couple stats and call it a new race.

Warcraft 3’s races feel and play very differently from each other and have very different mechanics at their disposal. That is a good thing, especially when the races are fairly balanced despite NE missing stuns.

NE playstyle is very ranged based and promotes kiting and shadowmeld. Slows favour their playstyle more than stuns would, which is usually promoted for surround tactics. Instead of stun they have access to Entangling Roots which is a far superior method to immobilize heros and units. They aren’t really lacking in that department.

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shadow strike slows.

crowd control aka stun, slow, root, disable, silence, etc, etc.

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