Amd still not playable

Dear Support-Team,

i really respect your work and sorry for spamming this. But i am rly angry about how you not discuss whats going on with the AMD-BUG? Why do all amd users have to accept stutters and inputlags with low fps?

This bug is a breaking bug and on PTR there is a version where everything works just fine on high FPS. Why are you not updating? I mean if there are serious problems please do some communication so that the community knows whats up. At least please offer a refund project.

Thanks that you try to keep on working on this mess project. I only can imagine how it is to work with this leftovers from the reforge project.

AMD is very playable. There is no “AMD bug.”

I am running both an AMD CPU and GPU, and while my frame rates are lower since 1.16, it is not unplayable. I played a dozen games yesterday without a hitch. There is a problem, yes. But it’s not an “unplayable” problem. Additionally, Intel users have also reported performacne issues, thus it is not an AMD specific problem. Overstating the severity of an issue isn’t going to get it fixed faster. If it is actually “unplayable” for you, then your hardware was already on the low end and this issue just made it worse.

I’d be happy to livestream for you to prove it :slight_smile:

Look: There is a probable bug we’re dealing with here, but it is not an “AMD bug.” This problem is affecting many users across many hardware configurations, not just AMD hardware. Posting multiple threads won’t help, either. Please use the main thread for this topic.

(maybe the three people who play games on Macs can say if they are also getting lower performance than before on apple silicon…)

Whatever it is. On PTR it works for the ppl who can not play ATM. And for me it’s not communicated at all what is the case here and why don’t we get PTR? This is why i’m spamming this.

Yes, I know this, and I see it too. I’m just tired of people calling this an AMD bug, it has nothing to do with AMD and lots of people with lots of different hardware are seeing performance issues that shouldn’t be.

But making 20 threads isn’t going to get them to do things, best to just stick to the main thread about it, say your piece and move on.

Remember, don’t trust a person named CaptainJack (who is an official and only responds to your questions without solving them). He has been arguing with me about fps since May, during which he shared many knowledge that computer experts believe to be incorrect (such as: fps is related to graphics cards, 16GB of memory is not enough to run war3, etc.). When I said he didn’t understand computers at all, I was banned, you can think it was a coincidence.

Do you have the same question as me? Here is a link for you to watch.

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Remember when version 1.36 was first released, the fps was only 50, but now at 1.36, the fps can reach 130, which is no longer the peak of version 1.35 (200fps)


Undoubtedly, the underlying architecture program of War3 has changed and added too much new content, such as advanced OBS, etc

太多的附加内容导致优化程度大幅度下降,intel and amd cpu性能释放度严重下降,其中,amd的性能释放度下降了越40%。

Too much additional content leads to a significant decrease in optimization, resulting in a severe decrease in Intel and AMD CPU performance release. Among them, AMD’s performance release has decreased by more than 40%.

so,When will we roll back 1.35

funny,no amd bug?why fps is low? maby war3 bug ?Anyway, it’s about the technical personnel of War3, We are posting to find solutions, whether it’s an AMD bug or a War3 bug. We just want to play normally (like before 1.35) and upgrade to PTR or back to 1.35

You don’t have any CPU (including Intel and AMD), you just play War3 on your phone, so you don’t feel any changes in fps. Moreover, I have shown you a comparison video of 1.35 and 1.36. You haven’t read it at all, otherwise you wouldn’t have said ‘fps is normal’, which is an anti human language

More and more people are giving feedback on amd fps issues, and you are trying to deceive them


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If you come in May, perhaps we can mobilize more people together to solve the problem, and now, many people who are tired of fps have switched to other games. The truth is covered up by villains

Like I said: There is a problem here. It just is NOT AMD specific. Users of other chips have reported the same problems, so by all means, call them out for not fixing a bug, just stop calling it an “AMD bug.”

Amd performance drops the most, so it is called an amd bug, no problem.

Captainjack keep ruining the community spreading lies

It’s not a lie, it’s a proven fact, given we have specifically had intel users complain about performance loss.

[Citation Needed] You have no proof of this claim, and again, it’s not just AMD, so it’s not an “amd bug.” it’s, if anything, a game bug, as it has no provable connection to any specific hardware whatsoever.

If you want this problem fixed you need to stop parroting this as continuing to claim this will only have any QA person investigating it barking up the wrong tree.

I’m sorry you feel that way and believe that.

You seem to be missing the fact that I RECOGNIZE THIS ISSUE AND AM EXPERIENCING IT MYSELF. The only problem I have is you all calling this an AMD issue when it’s not an AMD issue, it’s affecting many people of both AMD and Intel systems. Telling Blizzard it’s an AMD issue when it’s not is itself going to decrease the chances of it being fixed.

You might want to edit out your sensless cursing, because that’s going to get you in trouble.

And people reporting they didn’t experience an issue does NOT prevent bugs from being fixed. Besides that, we have a MUCH GREATER PROBLEM here, and that’s they aren’t fixing ANYTHING, among hundreds of issues, much less this one. Maybe you should focus your efforts into getting Blizzard to actually work on the game again, then we can see just how much work i’m preventing by not having as negative of an experience as you.

Have you ever actually seen a game developer say “One guy on an internet forum couldn’t reproduce this bug, so we’re not fixing it” ? Your anger is ridiculous and baseless. And I should be just as mad at you and others for misrepresenting this problem as an AMD problem, because that is far more likely to decrease the chance of a fix. You should be ashamed of yourself for this double standard.

All users(amd and intel) have experienced the issue of low fps, and when will blizzard technicians fix it.

March 14th, 2027

it depends on when they get the funding. under activision, the funding have mostly stopped. if microsoft takes over however, they will likely get more funding.

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