Almost a year since launch

It’s been almost a year since launch and STILL

No ladder, profiles, clans, or new features except for the new models.

Also still horrible fps and ping for reforged graphics especially in team games.

Look Blizzard, I get that Warcraft 3 isn’t a cash cow, which is partially your fault btw, (no monetization whatsoever – unit skins, hero models, color sets, voice lines, pretty much endless possibilities)

But, you need to take some pride in your games, and the way this game is right now is just unacceptable by your fans, the Warcraft 3 community, and it SHOULD be you as well.


Completely agreed. I can’t believe the they just abandoned a remaster of one of their most popular and famous games ever.

They honestly had plenty of options for monetizing it as well, as you said. Why isn’t there a shop for unit skins, hero models, consoles, etc. I honestly can’t believe how little they added to the ‘shop’ for StarCraft: Remastered either, but that’s a different story.

We should have player profiles, clans, etc, by now. Instead, WC3: Reforged isn’t even mentioned and we never get updates. I was disappointed by the launch a year ago but I really believed Blizzard would do everything they could to fix it (like what is going on with Cyberpunk right now). Instead… nothing.

This should have been a great remaster that kept WC3 relevant for years to come and brought new fans to the game for the first time (maybe people who started with WoW and wanted to see where some of these stories originated from…)


I keep thinking. How easy it was for them to make money by selling DLC With the WoW campaigns they couldn’t show.


I remember so far on my three so-called critical threads; here’s how the year was regarding them:

This one so far had the Darkspear Trolls replaced as Forest Trolls in Blackrock Clan; good I guess?

The only thing here that was really changed was removing Vashj’s human ears

Nope the community themselves had to make do for the missing unique models for campaign units

Oh totally, it’s not like any thread that mentions DLC campaigns is literally met with “wtf Blizzard is trash they shouldn’t make campaigns just let the community do it they don’t know wtf they’re doing I wouldn’t pay for it”

But then when the game comes out there are a lot of Post who complain that the campaign they had promised is not there and those people left when they realized that it was not going to be.

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Warcraft 3 Reforged is a dead end road. The more time you invest into this graveyard the harder it gets to leave this sinking ship. Blizzard has shown they don’t care wc3. The game is dead.

I play other games and have fun in gaming again. There is no point in trying to talk to Blizzard, they ignore you anyway. “Please Please do ladder profile…polease blizzard…6 month later: still no ladder/profiles” - face it: the game is dead.


Still no sale either.

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