ALL Collections Deleted in new patch :(

When i logged on after downloading new patch all Collections portraits where gone. i had 118 progress on random

Thanks for the report Fist! We are looking into it


Thank you for the Quick reply. best of luck

Hi. The same here, i had 269 wins wiht Hum race… all gone. Only cmapaing left…

I hope u fix it FAST!!! Had over 300 Ud wins!!!

Not acceptable, i just spent lot of hours unlocking portraits and now progress resetted. Also previously not every win was counted. I stuck at 103 with humans , the rest were ok. Fix this or you will loose the players !

Confirm, the portraits are gone.

My whole progress dissapeared after patch too. I hope You will fix it soon coz i wont start a single game till it will happen

Same here all my versus portrait collection are gone 250 + win NE here

same here…

same here, and it doesn’t matter how many games i will win, it still at 0.

about to get 1000 icon hu, hard work on it so please do something… or you will lost for sure lot of players

Interesting thing to point out, that the portraits are sustained in the chat, but not in the game.

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Indeed, Kaito

Hi again :slight_smile: i just want to inform the team that my Collection portraits are back after downloading the latest patch

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Glad to hear its back! Did other people have their collections return?


yes we have, thanks a lot. Keep up the good work for give us a ladder

On that matter, why does the campaign progress disappear when I play on different computer?

Why Arthas character moves slowly.I play the story of the game. The character moves really slowly. This bothered me. As if I was watching a video, I seemed to minimize the video speed.
You have reduced the speed of hero characters ?
I think there is slowness in walking animation

i cant unlock portriet again :frowning: