Add a new way to report scumbags

So aparently a new breed of idiots have been created there joins lobbies only to insult you and try to ruin your lobbies like why are they so stuck in their small blind ways. All we can do to fix that problem is to wait for activision to fix it by adding a way to report the chat like in wow and one of the options would be to report for chat abuse. Until then all one can do is to bann them from lobbies and screenshot it and send it to activision.

Well that is an unavoidable internet problem you know…

I know but still why are beta males like that they act like that chivauva dog or how you now spell it

because they are beta males indeed… :wink:

true lol anyway there needs to be a feature to report them

There already is a report feature, and it’s about to be expanded and automated.

How do you mean fella?

read the notes for the upcoming patch.

But you can already report people in the post game screen and the chat user list by right clicking their names, and you can also report custom games for inappropriate names by right clicking on those.

Was it already there for the good old WC3? I remember something like that…

Yeah at least you can ban them from your lobby. Getting a screen shot can help you kick that person when they try again and again. There was one guy who joined one of my lobbies, I kicked him for being toxic. He came back under another name. Its fun to see how desperate these idiots are.

Can you link me that?

We didn’t have this problem when we had bots…

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Reporting custom games is definitely new in Reforged. Well really the whole reporting interface is new.

Can you link me the path notes?

I remember you could report the name of custom games manually. You know, sending a screenshot and stuff like that.
So, as long as the regime stops to the name of custom games I guess it’s fine.

If you spamerino in the chaterino you get a banerino.

Just click the blizzard tracker at the top of the forum index