About Footman Helm


First of all. I guess that art work on Reforged is literally A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. However my only concern is about Footman Helm. Footman is an iconic image of the Wacraft brand and it was always shown as we can see in the Reforged Cinematic or even in WOW. Honestly i don’t understand why they change the design which is far bad compared to the classic one. Anyone with the same feeling?



What they changed?

In my opinion - they finally made same design for in-game character which always was at Concept arts and Cinematics.


I have to agree with you.

Footman is probably my biggest love-hate design. I like that they added a lot of detail to this unit and made him look less goofy as he looked in WC3, but I wish they stuck closer to the WC3 Cinematic design rather than what they did here.

The differences are obvious.

That being said, this gives me something to aspire to remodel :slight_smile:


Only concerns i had with the footman model was it’s shield, but gladly i saw they remodeled the shield and looks far way better than the previous one.

New shield model.


While that’s quite commendable, we’re not exactly pre-ordering your re-remodeling. I’m kinda with OP, I wish that the helmet at least felt closer to its debut roots.


Exactly, which is why the first thing I said is that I agreed with the OP :slight_smile:


I honestly think their armor is a little too ornate for generic footmen. Looks like they could be some kind of dismounted knight.


The Warcraft human kingdoms aren’t as pressed for cash as IRL human kingdoms were back in the day. Footmen can wear ornate plate armor.


Yeah, make them even uglier than with the new shield. Everything has too much detail, bring back the eternal 2002 graphics!