144 Hz and 30 FPS animations... WHY?

That’s the point. If you want to keep it classic, keep it classic.

In this case they didn’t keep it classic, they kept it in a bad state. It really destroys my experience with the game.

I was so excited to play this game again. I was 19 when they released it and I played it like crazy, even if back then the graphics were already outdated.

But 18 years later… it’s not acceptable anymore.

It does run even on 144fps ? All blizzard games are single core, they can’t max on multiple cores and gpu is bottlenecked. Last time i checked grubby stream he had drops under 60 fps. I would be surprised if this game run on 60fps min, with occasional drops. One more reason i won’t buy this crap and save for aoe4.

I was only able to push 80 fps with an i5 7600k @4.5 and a gtx 1650 super

Should have used the SC2 engine, ive been saying this since 2018.

i didnt say netcode - the underlaying tickrate of the game, which ties the game to time. wc3 replays are just few kb big, that means they only contain coordinates - its a mere text file. to translate this into gameplay, the game needs to know what happens when - this also includes animations being at point x in time y - otherwise the state of the animation would be quite random in a replay.

that means everything, including animation frames, get synced to the game time in, say 30hz intervals, and i suspect this is the reason unit movement and unit animations look so stuttery - i guess the internal tick rate of wc3 commands it. in wc3 both players see the same thing, theres no modern lag compensation in place.

now if you increase the internal tickrate of wc3, units and animations should play smoother. that also means replays should become bigger and network traffic should increase.

this change should “fix” classic and reforged alike. the animations themselves are smooth enough to support that.

Well yes i agree but it was a deliberate choice to keep the refresh at 30hz in order to allow the classic graphics remain unchanged (because for some reason blizzard thinks people want no changes in wc3r). So no it wont be increased it was a creative choice to slow down the new animations instead of speed up the old ones.

they are not slowed down, i checked it. it rather looks like frame skipping or bad playback or just playing those frames that fall in line with the 30hz tick, that said if it exists - its just an educated guess. neither the old nor the new animations play in the game like the animator made them.

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For me, it’s ludicrous that a remaster, at the year 2020 and for a game that is PC exclusive, have animations capped at 30 fps.
I know that some people are arguing that is necessary due to engine limitations or for multiplayer reasons, but still, for a game with a revamped engine not taking that in consideration is just wrong. Starcraft 2 for instance, doesn’t suffer the same issues.
They should have tried to work around this.
Unlocked fps for the background with unities animations with locked fps really messes the perception.

Sad to see the mess that the game is right now.

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Get your refund through Blizzard.
If they don’t let you, do a charge back on your payment.

They legit are scamming/lying to the community on this.

30 FPS… ROFL what a joke

And I think the chances are low that they’ll “fix” it…

They could have just updated the classic game with some new engine and animations - it would have changed NOTHING to the balance and the game would be authentic.

Seriously this sucks, it hurts my eyes!

How were the animations before Reforged? Were they 144Hz smooth?

Yeah it looks really weird with the choppy animations and the gigantic UI. Immediately when I saw it in game I asked for a refund.

well that makes sense, BUT still it should have been 60fps animations… who plays at below 60fps in reforged ? you need a 10 year old pc to not be able to hold 60fps in reforged…

What is with these animations? They make my eyes burn!

Agreed. Locking the animations at a low FPS makes the game feel WAY worse than it should. Please PLEASE unlock the animation frame rate. Couldn’t they calculate the “hit moment” for attacks landing based on a percentage of animation duration rather than actual number of frames?

I’m not sure… it seem to be very deep with the engine and I think that making the animations smoother might just accelerate them.

Maybe some mods to the game will add the smoother animations (but obviously only for the single player).

This + Anti Aliasing looking really bad is some of my immediate major technical issues.

+cut scenes not being reforged

This is so bad… I wanted to play W3 so bad but this is driving me crazy.
How can they do this? Why do you want some ultra HD textures and framerates above 30 if you are going to lock it? It’s like playing on a gif with a really smooth mouse pointer and hud animations.

Blizzard, I know you’re not what you once were… but this?
It isn’t that hard to unlock the animations fps.

Btw, it has no sense the “keep it classic” thing. You can’t do it half-way (or quarter) .

I don’t think I’ll refund it. I would love to see this fixed.