lowwwwwwwwwww fps

I know everyone’s been complaining about low fps for the past like 3 patches or so. I personally have had no problem until the most recent patch(es?). I’m now hitting lows of 2.5fps during games like tree tag and legion td, where I previously have had no major fps issues. I don’t really know what other info to include here but it’d be great for this to be remedied.

1.35 is best

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low fps lag let us cant play some map.
A lot of maps once the units increase it drops the fps to 0.x fps, no way to play at all, since then some lost a lot of familiar players

Thank you, we need more people to provide feedback on the FPS issue. Invite more people to come.

Blizzard fix the FPS issue as soon as possible, some maps cannot be played

sure they can you just need a better PC

why do you do this

why do you come in time and time again and pretend that stuff like this is not a direct result of an update breaking things

Because you seem to have a busted sarcasm detector

Fixed reply personnel

Yes, now play Warcraft3 just need a 4090 PC, if you just use cheap PC play, it cant play any maps.