Custom Loading screen includes race crest

Using a custom loading screen places the race crest (orc/human/undead/night elf shields). Normally the banner shouldn’t be there, allowing us to place our own crests within a custom loading screen.
Example: imgur. com/a/yiFJ3UC

The problem is, we cannot replace webui\loadingscreen\campaign\crests\wc3_map_raceicon_orc.png with a different/empty png file. The game just selects the standard race crest.

If the workaround would work, this change would allow us to be more flexible in designing our loading screens/crests- but all old custom campaigns that had their own crest (and are unlikely to be updated) will suffer.


Is this extremely annoying issue still on the PTR? :face_with_monocle:

I can understand if such a feature is added for multiplayer, but PLEASE not in custom games or custom campaign games. It makes NO sense! So many fine custom campaigns that their authors have put hundreds of hours into have been slapped in the face with a move like this, which I hope is NOT the developers’ intention.

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This bug is still relevant for current 1.36.1 version.