[1.36] Players’ suggestions for subsequent patches of war3

Hi Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

I am a Warcraft 3 player and game anchor from Asia. I make some personal suggestions for the balance patch of the game.

This balance patch opinion is the opinion of some of the top 20 players in the world during live webcasts or in private conversations with me.

Because there are many updated versions so far, part of the article may not match the current version, and the data changes need to be discussed, hope to provide some improvement ideas for the after patch.excuse,my english is poor.


:arrow_forward:F1, F2, F3 hero shortcut keys, can be replaced freely. Players are free to replace the hero avatar order and shortcut keys instead of a fixed build order.{Reason: to reduce the discomfort caused by the different starting hero}

:arrow_forward: Hold down the Alt key to display blood blue specific data.

:arrow_forward: After selecting a unit in formation , hold down the Ctrl key and click the unit with the left mouse button to remove the unit in formation.

:arrow_forward: After selecting a unit in formation , hold down the Alt key and click the unit with the left mouse button to will delete the unit’s team attributes.

:arrow_forward: Skill duration and skill cd are displayed in a disk, with data accurate to 0.1s

:arrow_forward: Symbols will be displayed on the heads of wild monsters that drop treasures.

:arrow_forward: Stacked items can be split

:arrow_forward: There are less than 5 mining farmers, there will be a prompt on the left (Farmers are short of labor)


:arrow_forward: The referee watching the game can modify the color of the team, which only takes effect for himself. {Reason: The same color, or similar colors, will bring a very bad viewing experience}

:arrow_forward: The video system is optimized, the video supports directly pulling the progress bar, the video control box is set as the suspension frame, the video system can normally display the skill box, and optimize the support for RPG map UI.

:arrow_forward: Watch and video modes can freely adjust the distance of view.

:arrow_forward: If the Demon Hunter opens Immolation, upgrades sacrifice during metamorphosis (to be cast a spell Shadow Hunter’s Hex), sacrifice will not be able to shut off.

:arrow_forward: The hero to be cast a spell Shadow Hunter’s Hex, during which the experience value can not be obtained.

:arrow_forward: Repair OB referee dropped line all player read seconds waiting for the BUG

:arrow_forward: Optimize the team pathfinding algorithm so that units will not jam (block) their units

:arrow_forward: Bugs in conflicts between spell balls such as blood-stealing, lightning, and corrosion



:arrow_forward: Staff of Sanctuary,CD:45s→50s

:arrow_forward: Tanks (siege vehicles) have added loading functions and can load 2 units. Tank (siege engine) movement speed: 220 → 210

:arrow_forward: The maximum health limit of the Griffin Knight is reduced by 30 {Reason: As a unit with a population of 4, its cost performance has far exceeded that of most units with the same population}

:arrow_forward: Farm: Peasants within a radius of 250 gain 0.25/s life recovery speed (Peasant only), and the recovery effects of multiple Farms can be superimposed. {Reason: In addition to providing population, a Farm with no function is not only boring but also low in cost performance. Add a blood recovery function. The placement of buildings is more particular and game-like}

:arrow_forward: Mechanical Critter has a chance to summon flying units

:arrow_forward: Sorceress ,Polymorph:

(1) For ordinary units, the duration is 60s→40s

(2) Can be released on heroes, lasting 0.25 seconds

{Reason: In the late game, there are many ways to dispel, and few people use this skill}

:arrow_forward: Archmage:

(1)Water Elemental:moving speed:220 → 230

(2)Blizzard:ice shards:double the frequency,double the frequency,Damage halved per wave,total damage remains unchanged.

{Reason: The total damage remains unchanged, similar to the patch changes of Immolation, and the damage is more reasonable.Rain of Fire also suggested changing it like this}

Night Elf

:arrow_forward: Ancient of Lore:Mark of the Claw:The resources required for research have increased. Druid of the Claw can release Roar and Rejuvenation in Bear Form.

:arrow_forward: Staff of Preservation,Cooldown:30s→40s

{Reason: In a team battle, NE heroes can instantly replenish supplies and travel back and forth 2 or 3 times. The skill CD is slightly short.}

:arrow_forward: Priestess of the Moon,

(1)Attack frequency:2.46s → 2.1s


(2.1)No longer invincible, but permanently invisible. Owl has Detonate, same as Wisp. Enemies who disperse or kill the owl will gain experience points equal to Wisp.

(2.2)CD:20s → 30s,25s,20s

(2.3)Duration:60s,90s,120s → 100s

(3)Searing Arrows:CD:0s→1.5s

{Reason: As an agile hero, Priestess of the Moon has been weak and supportive for a long time. Redo the owl skill to improve its functionality, not just a shadow}

:arrow_forward: Crow Form Attack Range:600→500

:arrow_forward: Glaive Thrower,Vorpal Blades research expenses:125gold 100wood → 75gold 50wood

{Reason: The advantage of the ballista lies in the first-level base}

:arrow_forward: Wisp:daytime vision 1000,night vision 750(1000)→daytime vision 1250,night vision 1000(1250){Reason: Elves are used as a means of detection in the dark night. Although players have done a good job in detection, they cannot detect key gold mines and troops due to insufficient field of vision. They lose the game due to such low-level mistakes or accidents. It’s a pity}

:arrow_forward: Demon Hunter,Mana Burn:Range:300 → 270


:arrow_forward: Anti-magic Shell,The magic effect is replaced by a translucent surrounding rune shield. {Reason: Today’s magic effects can easily hinder the identification of friend and foe and color discrimination.}

:arrow_forward: UD Tomb of Relics

(1)Removed the sale of Scroll of Healing and sold the Wand of Neutralization

(2)Neutralizing Scepter(350gold): Throws a bunch of neutralizing magic, which will bounce up to 3 times, dispelling all friendly harmful magic and enemy beneficial magic within 500 yards, causing 200 points of damage to the summoned unit. (Charging every 20 seconds, up to 3 times, 5 seconds cooling time) (Technology tree: Purchase requires a third-level base)

{Reasons: 1. Removed props that almost no one bought. 2 Added the Neutralizing Scepter to reduce reliance on Destroyer dispersal methods and increase the diversity of UD’s later tactics.}

:arrow_forward: Crypt, after right-clicking the Gargoyle production icon, the Gargoyle production state will be switched to the priority air or ground priority state. {Reason: Current top UD players are often troubled by this operation}

:arrow_forward: Gargoyle:Gargoyles with different attack status will have different colors.

:arrow_forward: Banshee,Curse:Can act on mechanical units

{Reason: Many top UD players are calling for such a change}

:arrow_forward: Necromancer :

(1)Tech tree:Skeletal Longevity(50gold 75wood)Upgrade Time 15s and Skeletal Mastery (200gold 100wood) Upgrade Time 30s:merged into Skeletal Mastery(200gold 150wood) Upgrade Time 45s

(2)Cripple:mana cost 175 → 150 ,Can be released automatically and can act on mechanical units{Reason: Increase the appearance rate of the Necromancer and increase the practicality of disability skills}.

:arrow_forward: Frost Wyrm:

(1)Freezing attack slowdown time:3s → 4s

(2)Freezing Breath:The repair speed of frozen buildings is reduced by 50% {Reason: In today’s version, due to the weakening of the ice dragon, almost no one chooses it}

:arrow_forward: Cannibalize:Eating nearby corpses heals 16 health points per second. It takes 20 seconds to completely devour a corpse. You cannot move during this period, otherwise the effect will stop. → Devouring nearby corpses heals 10 health points per second. It takes 32 seconds to completely devour a corpse. You can move during this period, and receiving any damage will interrupt the healing effect.

{Reason: If a skill is rarely used by anyone, then you can consider deleting or modifying it. The war is so fierce, why must you sit down and eat slowly? It is also very reasonable to eat while walking}

:arrow_forward: Blight Regeneration:Life recovery speed 2.0→1.75

:arrow_forward: Skeleton Warrior:Experience+2

:arrow_forward: Nerubian Tower:Attack frequency 1.5s → 1.25s,Deceleration duration 5s → 4s

:arrow_forward: Acolyte moving speed:-5{Reasons: high attack, fastest blood recovery, fastest movement speed, too difficult to kill}

:arrow_forward: Orb of Corruption:effective for buildings

{Reason: The defense reduction effect has been weakened from -5 to -4. Subsequent patches have strengthened defensive props, once again weakening the Corrosion Ball in disguise, which has a defense reduction effect on buildings, strengthened UD’s siege city ability, and also made the game slightly Return to the frontal battlefield}

:arrow_forward: Meat Wagon:shortest range 250 → 150{Reason: Slightly enhance the ability to deal with Terran tanks}

:arrow_forward: Ghoul


(2)Ghoul Frenzy:Attack Speed:+35%,Movement Speed:+80 → Attack Speed:+30%,Movement Speed:+80

{Reason: As the unit with the highest output ability in the game, it is too fragile, too powerful in the hands of some top players, and too weak in the hands of most players}


:arrow_forward: BM,Wind Walk,The skill CD is rolled back to the 1.27 setting, and the CD is calculated after the skill is released {Reason: Almost all top Orc players hope that this skill will return to the previous setting, and it can also increase the appearance rate of BM and enrich Orc’s tactics}

:arrow_forward: Spirit walker ,production building:TaurenTotem → SpiritLodgel{Reason: Soul Walker belongs to the mage. Placing the mage unit in a building that does not belong to him greatly reduces the richness and operability of the orc tactics}


(1)Moving speed 270→280

(2)Pulverize:100gold 175wood→150gold 175wood

(3)Pulverize:Has a paralysis effect, and the movement speed of the affected unit is restored from 50% to normal for 2 seconds.{Reason: The value needs to be optimized to increase the possibility of the tauren appearing.}

:arrow_forward: GreatHall construction time:135→130

:arrow_forward: Orb of Lightning price:-50,Purification triggered by Lightning Ball will not be dispelled(Hex)effect

:arrow_forward: Shadow Hunter,serpentine ward ex 12.5/30/42.5→13/35/45

:arrow_forward: Kodo Beast:

(1)to be devour unit vision reduced to 300

(2)Devour digestion speed: 5→7

(3)Moving speed 220→230


:arrow_forward: Mud Golem attack range:melee→400

:arrow_forward: Goblin Shredder:

(1)375gold 100wood → 325gold 50wood

(2)Collect wood each time:200→150,moving speed:240→250

{Reason: The current situation is that purchasing resources in the early stage is too expensive, and wood overflows in the later stage.}


:arrow_forward: Scourge Bone Chimes,vampiric effect:15%→10%

{Reason: It is very unreasonable if a treasure can determine the outcome of a game, especially the Druid of the Claw civil war.}

:arrow_forward: Units carrying Crystal Ball have increased night vision capabilities

:arrow_forward: Pendant of Energy mana capacity:100→125

:arrow_forward: Potion of Healing life regeneration:250→280

:arrow_forward: Runed Bracers,magic resistance:33%→20%{Reason: If a treasure can determine the outcome of a game, it is very unreasonable.}

:arrow_forward: New level 4 treasure Petrified Lichen Guard: has level 1 thorns aura

Neutral Hero

:arrow_forward: Pandaren Brewmaster,Breath of Fire:Reduce cast animation {reason: reduce low-level mistakes and improve game viewing}

:arrow_forward: Dark Ranger:

(1)Attack frequency:2.42s → 2.1s;

(2)Strength-Agility-Intelligence bonus per level:1.9-1.5-2.6 → 2.2-1.5-2.3

(3)Black Arrow CD:0s→1.5s;

(4)Life Drain:It can be released to teammates, sacrificing its own health and delivering health to teammates. If the health is lower than 1, it cannot be released further.{Reason: Siphon Mana can be released on friendly forces, and Life Drain can also be released on friendly forces. It makes sense, right?}

:arrow_forward: Naga Sea Witch, Mana Shield: When activated, the magic resistance effect is increased and spell damage is reduced by 15%, 30%, and 45%.

Goblin Alchemist Transmute:CD add 10s

To be discussed

:arrow_forward: Armor: The piercing attack causes 75%→100% damage to medium armor, and the piercing attack causes 100%→75% damage to heavy armor. {Reason: Too much impact on balance,If have Warcraft 4, can consider it}

:arrow_forward: Treasure sales store price 50% → 75% {Reason: increase tactical diversity and changes, reduce treasures to change the ending}

:arrow_forward: All skill shortcut keys are changed to QWER and other keys according to their location.

:arrow_forward: Damage can be displayed in the game (floating numbers)

:arrow_forward: Sacrifice Abyss and spend gold coins to convert neutral heroes into undead attributes {Reason: Too much impact on balance,If have Warcraft 4, can consider it}

:arrow_forward: Monsters on the mini map are displayed as green, blue, purple, yellow and red dots from weak to strong according to their strength (sum of monster levels).