1.36 is another new update without Multiplayer Game Saving

Version 1.36 is an upcoming update, but it still doesn’t support multiplayer game saving. When Reforged was released, the option to save and load games during multiplayer gameplay disappeared. The “Load” button is currently inactive, and a tooltip displays a message stating that

“the ability to load a custom save games has been disabled and will return in a future update.”

This tooltip has been around for over three years now. We urge Blizzard to please return this feature, as it is critical for playing maps with long sessions lasting over 30 minutes.


This is a very important feature that allows playing many custom maps for a prolonged period, some of which become unplayable without this feature as they require dozens of hours of continuous gameplay to complete.
We hope that this feature will be restored in future updates! Thank you for your work!


It is really useful if you have some friends you play a long game with.

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it will probably return in the next patch, since its about the only core missing feature left.

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The Best Warcraft 3 maps require 5-6-7+ hours of gameplay. Blizzard should REALLY try and fix this, since it is a major hurdle/issue. Making the best maps of the game unplayable is not a good business or user retention move.

Thanks for voicing what a lot of people are hoping for!

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