Beta Notes (Updated)

Made the beta totally unplayable. Every time I try to join a game I get booted off of battle.net won’t reconnect with out fully rebooting my computer no issues with my internet

Turn off team colours in the options, then health bars look just as normal as they should!

thats all the changes?

there are more minor changes, just search for them in editor) i already found some.


is there a plan to allow us to see when friends sign on like we had in classic?

also can we get it so that our choice for ally colors stays saved so I don’t have to switch it every time i join a game?

  • Bug found, (Night elf Druid of the talon does not have a portrait )

I was playing some custom games against CPU and I couldn’t power build my expo, probably a bug. The performance feels smoother btw.

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nice, a short question: can we get costum hotkeys in menu like in Heroes of the storm or sc?

Just asking for QoL ( i do have a custom key, but it would be really easier for quick adjustment in rebinding keys )


one thing I would like to suggest is to implement that race icon from the selection screen to the loading screen, it would be so nice to quickly see what are the races from everyone, and implement that information in-game too


Patches be like illuminati terror attacks, you never know when they come.

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What a joke.


Hello. After the update I noticed when your trying to build a new townhall with humans you can not get other peasants to work on it at the same time. Also if you stop the peasant already working on it and try to continue to build it later it cannot be selected. Did anyone else have this problem?


Please Blizzard, fix the ugly/badly working and especially laggy menus, and more importantly optimize the graphics/gameplay. It just runs really badly and feels very low budget right now. Don’t focus on bogus things such as this.


Lol have you even tried the new patch before you made your comment? menus work great right now, and alot of optimizations


I tested dota now and ist works a little bit better now. roughly 10-15 more fps and my game didnt crashed after finishing it.

Well done blizz.


Main problem still remains and its not fixed. Whenever you finish your game and then create new custom game you’re always disconnected…


Ah so this patch is for try the famous bridge between classic and reforged.

The famous question that a lot of people believe was not true and think that all need to buy reforged for play together and have the battle net improvment.

Good job.


I want to add to the issue list that heroes and units make no sounds when they come out of a building.

This update runs much better than the last one.


So we got reason to tell it’s impossible to make Unreal Engine 3 or 4 Reforged without sacrifice crossplay.
Thanks god it should stop with it til release.

Still have a fatal error after literally every single custom game, kinda gets old.