1.31.0 Patch Notes


Seriously, this is a sad day if they killed RoC forever.


if you are are abducted by aliens or KGB and held at gunpoint blink twice… We’ll send someone to save you


That’s a typo if I’ve ever seen one! Warsong Battle Drums*


Good to hear next patch will be reforged! As the latest patches are following each other up quite fast, it shouldn’t be that much longer! We’re looking forward to it, keep up the good work Blizz :slight_smile:


They addressed this already above.


I’ve waited for this patch since it entered PTR.
Good work, Blizz!


by the way this balance patch is a disaster.


I guess it is. But they literally threw this patch out of window
I suggest everyone who criticize game try acting mannered, cause blizz is well know for vanity, they like people arz licking them and they ignore people who sometimes rage and yell but telling truth.

immidiately you say something criticizing them a self proclaimed cup blizz -patrol is about to rudely deny everything you say and sabotage your thread and post.
Noone called them to defend blizz blindly, but they install themself on threads acting like they are officialy crowned by blizz itself

Those people are so highly mannered, “nice” = but brainless.

So we guys have to change politic and use less bad words like : You failed blizz etc.
We bloody now OFFICIALY have a SIGNATURE from themself , that they have failed.
And they officialy asking help from us.
This means they will have to change their politics too!

GOT ME GUYS? If you are a truth speaker and love the game and critizice it cause of LOOOVE , make sure to flag every arz licker who intentionally sabotage your thread


Could not say it any better, both pro-blizz and antiblizz patrolling trolls must be stoped


The nerfs on KOTG are obviously ridiculous.
The problem with treants was more about their resistance imo and 1 point of dmg less in addition to 1 pt less of Intelligence will almost go unnoticed.


Thanks for the sincereness. This effort is much appreciated. Let’s hope you can finish Reforged on schedule and we’re all good to go.

All the best.


This is gonna upset some projects and custom campaigns i reckon.


Lol at closing Reign of Chaos and therefore losing hundreds of active passionate players, who stuck around for x years with literally 0 support from Blizzard, despite the potential of rebuilding its scene to thousands of us with minimal effort.

Instead, going for a new and not even impressive number-wise playerbase which will play Reforged for a month or a year and go back to the simple games which trend these days.

The community of RoC has easily managed to bring numerous leading European TFT figures to its tournaments (e.g. Sonik has participated in literally every single RoC event for the last 2 or 3 years), which showed that the game is still viable.

I won’t buy Reforged, I’m perfectly okay without a computer game in my life.

You seem to forget that both RoC and TFT are mainly about nostalgia. There are no new players. The community of Warcraft consists mostly of people in their late 20s / early 30s.

By removing a part of it, you are simply scoring a loss.


Is Reign of Chaos the first game that Blizzard has removed online from? A sad day.


Dark Ranger is now a Night Elf hero?


" Without Blizzard, we wouldn’t have had anything we have had.

such good argument there


I hereby proclaim my name as blizz-patrol and my post consists of rude denial of everything you say and also of sabotaging your thread and post.

Ditto. The removal of RoC is the most important issue here. Let us unite our voices in a powerful cry and ask about it.

RoC melee must remain!!

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