Zerg 9 Brood war the reckoning

I am playing SC brood war on a MacBook Air, and I have thus far beat the entire core SC game and all brood war missions UP to Zerg 9: The Reckoning. You are SUPPOSED to have 30 minutes to beat that mission, but it CONTINUES to say “The Protoss are escaping, your cerebrate was too slow” around 20 minute mark or less. I can definitely beat it in 30 minutes, maybe 25, but not 20 or less!!! And since that is not SUPPOSED to be happening, I think this might be a glitch. Wtf!?! Please help. I didn’t get this far just for this to happen… so frustrating…

Hi! Here’s the world record for The Reckoning, beaten in 5 minutes and 49 seconds, in-game time, set 6 months ago for SC version 1.23 R, on PC:
, or you can see it here:

Here’s beaten in about 20 minutes, but it has commentary:

Except thats not what the OP is asking or talking about…

That is strange. I don’t have a Mac to test it on, but I played it on PC just now and everything worked as expected.

What happens if you play it out?

Does the mission end in failure before the timer runs out?
Does is not progress to the next mission if you complete it in time?
Something else?

Ah, you’re right, I was thinking of something else, as I misread. Yeah, it seems like a bug.