Yelp Review: This Game Makes Me Upset

It’s like smoking a pack of cigarettes I guess. My dad’s biggest regret was buying me the Broodwar Expansion set. As a kid exposed at an early age, I don’t suggest recommending this game to the youth. Highly addictive with no additive chemicals.

The last time I got spammed in Broodwar Chat was when I had my back intact. In fact when I get back I hope the mods and bots can multitask while juggling knots of juggernauts and bring back the past when they act like spam came from Japan, but it was Amsterdam. Who gives a damn I do man

Funny, enough whole humanity is full of addicts …
The whole workforce swallows it day by day to keep up the work.
3/6 of supermarkets at least is full of sugar products to keep the people happy and in line, there is a reason children are indoctrinated to like them. The other 2/6 is even harder stuff like alcohol, cigarets, savour food that doesnt fill at all,etc.
Humankind is a chemical race and we are controlled to the fullest.

Please, Dont necro the threads of the gibberish generator

Is actually a clever freestyle and is alot more content rich than 90% of what else i see here