WTF is with the AI?

Its been a long time since I played this game. Basically I played it when it was released. Before playing this game I played Warcraft and Warcraft II and the expansion. I know people like to put those rose tinted glasses on when it comes to nostalgia but I swear I do not remember the units being so stupid. I mean every time I try to send a partial or full selection of troops the moment they get into a narrow area (which during the PVE campaign is every map) about 25% of them go nuts and run off to who knows where. Even if this was an issue in the past it shouldn’t be an issue now. I mean WTH man?

you need learn more control , you need more clicks more apm to get full controls of your units , only 1 click A move don’t work in this game like a sc2

Keep in mind this is an old game. Due to poor pathfinding, even pro gamers perform multiple tasks.

In simple terms the reason it is so bad is because it is Warcraft 2 path finding but in an isometric view which makes the ‘squares’ or ‘hexes’ strange. (good example is dragoons become rhombus’ when they move which is why if they stand stacked then move they all freak out.) Always been like this and no real solution as isometric view was a change like 6 months before release to compete with other RTS of the time (like Dune 2000)

Yea I can’t play this game. Think I will just uninstall. Glad I only paid $7.50 for it.