Women and Non-Binary Starcraft 2 Tournament

Hello everyone!

I’ve been reading these forums for over a decade, and have not participated in this community as much as I’d like to. But I wanted to give something back. I’ve always wanted to organise a tournament, and I particularly want to support gender diversity at a pro level in Starcraft 2. So I’ve started this gofundme for a tournament. At the moment as far as I know there are very few active Starcraft 2 tournaments for women and non-binary people. And I’ve always wanted to see more women in the pro scene and more diversity in general to strategy and tactics among good players. If you’d like to support this too.

Also, if there is someone in the community who can organise this better, I’m happy to send money their way! I work in event administration so I believe I can put together a great tournament that will be fun to watch and supportive, but I am just doing this as a big fan of the game and the e-sport. I’ve already put in some of my money and am happy to donate more.

If you search on gofundme for The Women & Non-Binary Starcraft 2 Tournament you’ll be able to find it.

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This is the forums for Starcraft 1, Brood War, and Remastered. Might have better luck posting this here: SC2 Forums

Sexism, what if i held a mens only tourny?
Sexism. Google equality.


I tend to agree with TerranGhost.

One can hold an event that includes everyone and still have it be for ‘women and non-binary people’.

But actively excluding a specific group(s) is only perpetuating the problem, just in the opposite direction.

Who cares. Just have a tournament where everyone can play.

Loser snowflake. Poor old men getting such a harsh deal in life hey? Google ‘intolerance’.

TerranGhost is right, positive discrimination is discrimination.
And he wasn’t being intolerant, otherwise he would have asked the post to be removed. It is not intolerance to disagree. Google tolerance.

Ok. More to the point of this forum and thread… this question from GrumpKitten. How do I play any human for free? Do you have to add me or something?

It is not necessary to add a person to play a game. You can create a game and wait for anyone to join. It may take a while if there are few people on the server (most people play in US West server). Or you can join a room with player(s) that has a slot open.

This is obviously a post to get a response.

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Absolutely, I was thinking the same.