We need help from soldare

Ai need help eee are ataked we need help as Posibile sordars we ned belp

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hey, I think the biggest issue with finding extraterrestrial life is the likelihood of life. We don’t know how life began on Earth, we could very well be alone in the universe :sparkles:.

Wow Savora, u understood his English :astonished:

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I personally think humanity is from another planet and we were left here on earth. We are like the terrans that were sent into space to colonize new planets.
We are the sect of humanity that couldnt be bred out so we were abandoned.
We represent thr worst humanity has to offer. We practice war, to perfect it like a fine art. We kill our enviroment, we kill everything. We lie cheat and steal.
All of these are undesirable qualities that the main branch of our species (not from earth) wanted to excorcise from their template. Since violence is no longer their way they abandoned our forefathers and mothers here, a non violent solution to their species evolution.


Never have faith in humanity :cry: and you’ll never be disappointed :disappointed:.
A strong advice :muscle:.