Wanted to download Starcraft Anthology today

Seems I can’t find it anymore, even though I paid for it and thought I had it in my collection.

Instead I find a FUBAR 6.6GB download for some nonsense I have no intention of buying as I own the original.

What the hell is wrong with blizzard?

Why couldn’t you leave the other installer alone, I still have a windows XP computer that I play older titles on.

Yes I had a voodoo 3000 graphics card on that machine and thankfully I could still install diablo 2 LOD and get it up and running in 3dfx glide mode.

Awful just awful, this makes me very angry!!!

There are a few places to download the old version (1.16.1). Namely the ICCUP website has it as well as a few other places probably, should come with full campaign and be closer to original file size.


If you own the original simply install it and find patch file 1.16.1 update apply, play.

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thanks I’ll try that.