Unable to load game on windows 11

hello folks
I’m unable to run SC or SC2 on windows 11. crash screen appears. with SC2 it continually says the files are corrupt, but that’s after an uninstall and reinstall and saying the same. SC just doesnt open and gives a crash error. onedrive is shut down.

Hey Darthkuriboh,

You say OneDrive is “shutdown” but that’s not clear what you mean.

OneDrive must be set to unsync specific folders. Uninstalling it or disabling it won’t unsync anything thus won’t fix associated crashes.

i have sync turned off altogether

Were all folder unsync’d before disabling the sync?

OneDrive modifies the file structure of the paths it syncs. Thus, the file structure(s) need to be restored to default before disabling the sync.

which folders need ot be unsynced/repaired

At thr very least, the Starcraft II folder, which is inside the Documents folder.

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