Ultimate smurf solution to ranked games

Hello. Ranked isn’t fun to play due to critical amount of smurfs on the lower leagues. They just look for certain matchups and usually leave in the first seconds of the game when they don’t have the matchup that they are interested for… But when they do then they just own hard with doing literally anything.

Easy fix:

There should be ranked limit for 1 character per 1 account. It was obvious since the beginning that people soon will start to smurf when they have the ability to have more than one character with the ability of holding the main character and removing the extra characters and creating a fresh new ones.

But what about playing different races? Some people want to practice different races on second characters to get better without losing their main character MMR!

The solution to this is to make separated MMR for each race so we can play different races at different MMR.

What about other issues like “buying new accounts just for smurfing”?

I guess this can be fixed only by checking the hardware and IP which I think is a bit too much (going into privacy). However my other suggestions would reduce the smurf problem making the ranked fun to play for everyone excluding the few cases where someone is buying the second copy of the game (but it’s additional cost and still temporary, usually their mmr will go up anyway).



A good answer to something that likely won’t get addressed by Blizzard.
We can but hope.


Yes, we must insist on this. Ranked actually is treated as the same “anything goes” normal games.


I am totally with you. I would even leave those second account buyers there fun because if people really want to pay 10-15€ for such a tempory fun, they should get it. I mean it would be good for Blizzard because it would increase revenue and it would be good for us because there is more money to legimitate work on SC and because I am a fan of not to much privacy invasion.


unless you add in racepicking leaving will be a feature and not a bug in ladder. if you remove that feature ladder will collapse.

Enlighten us please on how racepicking has to do with this matter please, maybe we are all being obscure about it and you know something we dont.

Not being cynic btw, just really want it to be documented properly in this forums.


You need to let go. The damage has already been done; the devs have gone radio silent. Newcomers have effectively been chased away and wont come back to revitalize the ladder and make the online competition viable again. Besides, the smurfing issue is not the real killer here. The huge skill gap is.

What you people now need to press Blizzard with, is for a modern AI with adjustable difficulty settings so that the amateurs(the majority of the fanbase that has left the game) can have a valid reason to re install broodwar again to play at least a decent match with an AI that can be fun. No BWAPI and s hit like that. I have been saying this for a long time. A modern AI missing from the game was a huge mistake that ruined the game’s sustainability .


Those are the smarter words i have heard in here in a while, i agree that a real AI adjustable solution is the way for sure, but the whole idea of BWAPI is that it was such a “Quick and easy solution”, they just had to integrate the software as a plugin sort to say… and the community would have done the rest…

But they even failed at that, HELL they are even failing at bringing solution to the color problem.

This game is dead now, we wont even get Team Match Making, it will never happen, Blizzard lied.

Well I am a Newcommer and I came back because this game get me hooked trying out to see if there is really beauty in SC beside the Story: _https://store.steampowered.com/app/946560/Dont_Forget_Our_Esports_Dream/

Yes, playerbase is hardcore, thats true… and mostly of its is Bliz fault…
Im sure when Bliz launched SC2 they dont even had in mind to Re release the Brood War, that split the SC community in two, especially newcomers that were delighted with the shine of “realistics” 3d physics and graphics… So we just have the most loyal community and veterans that know until the last pixel of the game mechanics.
For me the Real SC2 should have been the SC:R

Talking about the AI… AI actually cheats, but can also be very predecible, without taking note on the dumb workers cheese…
Well yes… CO OP campaings would be good for newbies, and also more in depth tutorials like what we know as SC2 has.

Knowing all this Blizz must take more actions to prevent smurfing so ranked would be more serious way to get same level player skills. And also… 2v2 3v3 is a must.


It must be included in 2020 PRIORITIES

and i suggest New user must have more privilege to remove map

for example

F,E can ban 6 maps
C,D 5 maps
B 4 maps

because they want to play at only Fighting spirit or Circuit breaker

If not, Blizzard should build a ladder system for novice users


There is actually a Co-op version of the single player out there:

I have played it with a friend. The only mission we couldn’t beat was “To Chain the Beast” (Terran, Episode V, final mission), however youtuber mikelat has a video where he managed it (after failing a couple of times!).


Lol iam a newcomer and iam not leaving …

Leonix, I am intrigued… how new are you? I figured, by the number of your posts, that you might have some decent experience. Appearances can be deceiving!

I would call myself newcommer too because from my 30 games or something I have only 2% wins and those where from leavers. I only played since Pre-WoL from Time to Time campaign while waiting and hoping with SC Remastered the game get as accesable as SCII for Newcommers because until Shortly I whas so frustrated, that I only made ranking matches for portraits where I left so neither me or the other waste time.

That’s a bold statement but as you said you are a newcomer so dont hold your breath over that. When did you join the game? A week ago? A month? A year? Since the remastered version release date like me? Doesn’t matter. You might be feeling like some sort of a “chosen one” since you have decide to spend time with a game that has a glorious past, in a genre that by modern standards is being considered niche.

Soon though, you will feel the absence of active players in the ladder and the skill gap will be getting bigger and bigger in every match, as the playerbase shrinks. Not to mention the rest of problems/inconveniences the game still has.

Expect a migration about 30% of the existing playerbase to Warcraft Reforged(assuming of course everything goes well and the game meet expectations) once it gets released. Lots of people have said these words to me ingame, and almost everyone didn’t keep their promise and moved on. My friend list became inactive a long time ago.

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Warcraft Reforged is not going to be great. They are making sure of it. SC:R was in much better state at release than reforged.

Initially I thought they just take the hype money and abandon WC:R like they do with SC:R now. When they announced ESL partnership for Reforged E-sports I got some glimmer of hope. I also suspect SC:R team might be temporarily put to fix bugs in WC:R before the release.


Are you sure about that? They only have released a beta version that of course came with its fair share of problems that will be ironed out before the release.

SC:RE was pretty messy at release as well. No ladder/rank modes, laggy matches problems with replays and editor etc. Even though warcraft 3 has esport capabilities, the w3 fandom is much more cool and dont really want to desperately make an esport out of reforged. What they want is lag free online matches, full mod support and they are open to future balance patches.

Also, SC:RE release gave enough insight(or at least I hope so lol) to Blizzard to know how to handle reforged release and unlike with SC:RE, they dont have to rush the game so they can fit it in with the new esport season schedule.

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Agree. Right now the main Problems for the Reforged community are that the graphics look worse then on Blizzcon 18, the great lags and that there is less campaignrework then promised or the wrong like no new voiceactors in english and wrong va in every other language. If the team fixes mp lags first sucessfully then they have still air because the community while refunding now is still willing to come back and give reforged second chance if they deliver there promises and until gonna play classic.

They would also need to fix the AI problems in multiplayer. The “Friends” map in particular, but there are also other maps where sometimes the AI just does nothing (or very little).

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