Toss is easiest race alive

It takes 0 skills to win vs terran
Toss has really high floor , you don’t have to be good to win the game at lower levels
I do admit terran has higher ceiilng as demonstarted by pro players but for regular playeres even up to masters level its apparent its an easy race

A master protoss is like a Diamond 1 terran and vice versa
A diamond 1 protoss is a platinum terran
It’s literally scaleable


You lost?


What are you saying ? you sound like you play protoss

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Lol wat?

Are. You. Lost? As in do you not not know where you are? You know, common spoken english.

Nothing to do with playing a video game or any thing else.

Not sure you make sense buddy

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bs i just can say pvz is the hardest matchup you cant do anything vs zerg

3 hatch hydra even the zerg dont kill you he have eco to play macro game often times he just win

observers are to easy to snipe

you got every game same problem —> you have to scout its muta or hydra if you dont you are dead or have to play blind

so you got to play stargate thats means a hydra bust kills you easy

in any match i play its allways the 3rd base that is to hard to get for protoss and you can see this on asl16 alls protoss player just get murdert by zergs so easy

pvt is a bit unbalanced in lowlvl cause protoss dont got to micro this much but later when u play against good play terrans you cant compete

vulture runby kill you so easy and fast

tanks are just op you have to zealot bomb what request much micro from protoss player

This is the SC:R forum, not SC2.

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That’s what I was trying to lead him too… but he couldnt put 2 and 2 together.

Sometimes we just gotta do how we did back in the good old days and give this post a bump. Not most are crooks or bums, but we count as one if we represent a surviving community. Look at what we brought for this dying cause. Whether you pick Zerg, Terran or Protoss, just know it correlates to Pokemon and all the above. Once upon a time, Toys “R” Us was us before we traded in a schoolbus for a toolbox.

pretty much 100% true, just spam tempest and win.