They scammed me, I want my money since nobody answers me

I want my money back, it can not be that I have been playing for 6 months normal and from one day to the next I can not play, just because blizzard decides that this is the case, the graphics have not changed at all to say that my graphic controller it does not work. I demand an answer, gentlemen, there are a large number of people who cannot play anymore.


I also want my money back! I paid for the game, for a 1998 old dead game which nobody was playing (it gained popularity due to lockdowns), my computer is not brand new but it was working perfectly fine (yes, the Remastered version). So, why destroy something that was working fine? Why would Blizzard care if we upgrade (or not) our computers? Isn’t that our business?
Now they won’t even answer, but were very happy when they took my money out! They won’t even let us play the 1998 SD game, I remember it even worked on Windows 95! They’re cheaters, scammers!!!

Hello my friend。Please calm down。Blizzard has not given up on StarCraft, they are still working hard to maintain it。But they may need a little more time。

Blizzard may not have given up. But I have given up on them.