There do i get correct build orders, that actually work?

I have seen many build orders on liquipedia that dont seem realisticly or are seemingly wrong …
Where do i get good buid orders ?

Just watch as many online videos of the “Pro’s” as you can find man.

I can send you my build order files, if you want.

But instead of worrying about build orders, I would focus on learning the important fundamentals first. If you cannot build probes continously, you dont need to worry about any build order at all.

If you see something is not working out proplery think about how you can fix this.
Think about what has gone wrong.

It is not about just doing a build and then being great at the game. While there is some skill involved executing a build properly, there is much more skill in understanding why everything is as it should be in that build. Try to improve your game understanding. APM does not win games, decision making does. You do not need high APM to macro well. A friend of mine made it into S rank with 120 APM. Even though he is surely an exception to the rule, it shows you how much more important the correct decisions and game knowledge are…

Honestly, it is not just grinding games and expecting to improve because of it. Now that I am older and have some tournament experience (being one of the top 3 players in a small RTS), I can assure you that you need to play the game with your brain first, you can play it with your hands later.

Watching pros is well and fine, but you need to look at your own mistake and find solutions to them. If sometimes does not work, you notice it because it is bad for you. If it works, it is good for you. If it only sometimes works, you should take a closer look and analyze WHY it only sometimes works and most likely there is something you can fix.


Maybe this also can help:

I could say its 50% APM 50% strategy. its not like chess when you have quite time to think your next move. Thats whats make this game so deep and many many infinite ways of learning and improving at it.

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i would appreciate that thx …
But how can you send it to me ?

to the other guy : Cant post seconds to him directly because "others users need to particpate " whatever …

Vampirian for you …
Well, this is coll and all … Problems here …

Sometimes if it is a cast you cant see all, if it is replay it is fine but here is the problem …

Iam not a pro …
I will probally not execute it that well, further some decisions will work for them but may be really bad for me …
THey can drone drill perfectly and come with 2 lings against a early 2-3-4 zealots i may not …

If you want to practice very early games, try smaller maps. Like Bloodbath. Or a Heartbreak is one of my ladder maps preference
Watch videos and watch what they do in response to a respective unit attack type. I recently learning how to defend against Dragoon wave attack, that is very common on P player. Agains Zerg, you can expect a zergling rush so you may prepare for it. Practice doing wall ins or how to block a path.
Scouting is important, but if you cant you can guess what i said above. Yes, many players here are faster than you and will do crazy things in no time, so try to look for newbies not smurf (just check their profiles win ratio, its not perfect but a good workaround to find similar people as you), get a friend like me :grin:, or at last play against AI, but not play as the AI does, just practice your build orders and positioning, compare your times with some good replays.

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There isn’t a correct build order. There are build orders that work when your opponent acts in a certain way, and don’t work when your opponent acts in other ways. We have to understand the basics, first, then realize a build order for the current situation. There are some general guide lines, of course, and Liquipedia is about those. APM are important but they don’t make you win. Starcraft is a strategy game, not an aim-and-shoot game. Learn mechanics, first of all, then strategies. Pro players are the best teachers for tactics and strategies. Watch their replays.

(Oh, another little hint: if your problem is low APM, play at a slower speed. When you get better, begin to play faster, etc. It’s not indispensable playing at the fastest speed.)

Well, playing at slower “normal” speed as i used to be all my life since i knew starcraft. When i finally reached Multiplayer Bnet (2015) it was very shocked that every game were played at fastest “7” speed.
I think this would not make you improve at all because your muscle memory will get acostumated at slower speeds. Think about playing ping pong where the ball moves slower than usual.

Yes… but, just a friend or someone like you, or the AI. If you go ranked this is not an option.

Starcraft isn’t Ping-Pong; it’s a strategy game. He can play faster when he get better.

Obviously. If he has problems with APM and build order, I don’t think he can go ranked, for now.

Oh well, I refer more for a micro (like vulture or mutas micro), for learning BO and so it may help.

ACtually iam alreaddy E …
Not great but getting better :slight_smile: