The Map Editor seems to have disappeared

Yesterday, I went on to the Blizzard Launcher and easily found the Starcraft Remastered Map Editor. Today, I come back to my launcher and find it has disappeared from the menu. Restarting the launcher didn’t yield any results. The only thing I’ve done recently is buy the Cartoon Skin Pack. I’m running a 1060 3GB, Ryzen 7 8-Core Processor, and 8GB of ram with Windows 10. Haven’t found a forum post with a solution.

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It’s gone since patch 1.23.0. Blizzard now recommends using SCMDraft 2.

Ah, understood. Thanks for the quick reply.

Can someone from support explain WHY the StarEdit program was taken away from us? I have been playing StarCraft since it came out. Once I learned HOW to use StarEdit I had no issues with it. Now for an unknown reason it is denied to us? I would like the program back so I can continue to make my own maps. I do not want to learn a new 3rd party program (that apparently doesn’t work with my version of StarCraft Remastered.) How about letting us use the program “at our own risk” if you don’t want to support it? Removing the program from my computer without warning is NOT a way I would treat customers if I owned the company. Anyone know where the original StarEdit program can be downloaded? I for one, want it back.


If you still have the original CDs (I still have mine), you can just reinstall the game. Don’t patch it or anything. The editor should still be installed with it.

I have 2 SC directories: the main one for the updated game that I play with friends; one called “Starcraft (old)” which just has a 1.16 patch. StarEdit still works with that.

Just remember where you save your map files! :slight_smile:

It’s possible it’s just the current version, but I downloaded SCMDraft 2 and it’s unable to verify my StarCraft directory. Waste of time downloading it. Leave it to Blizzard to take something that works perfectly fine and ruin it


Make sure you’re using the latest alpha build which was designed specifically to fix Blizzard’s change in casc usage:

The only reason for having this game was to build maps so my son and I could play you took my only reason to play this away

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Hey SirWar,

The Devs recommend using third party map editors such as ScmDraft. Since there are better options than the original map editor, this feature was removed. You can read about this here.

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