The game won't load, crashes at start

Hi, everytime I try to run the game it crashes automatically, and shows an error code, the last one is 4D142A4B-2B41-4DC6-B0D2-90BFE0063058.

I don’t have Google Drive for desktop installed, not even OneDrive.

I’m on Windows 11, and my specs are 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-11600K, GTX 3060 and 16gb ram.

hello the same problem.
win 11, i9-11900, 3080 16gb

Having OneDrive uninstalled isn’t a guarantee that its effects won’t linger.

The Documents folder must be unsynced from OneDrive in order to stop the crashes. After that, OneDrive can be uninstalled, but it’s not required.

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TRy to run it with compatiblity… right click on exe or alt + enter and one of the tabs

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