The game is ruined by cheaters

It’s crazy to see how many sad losers are out there, plain cheating with mineral hack, maphack, intentional lag and so on. What a waste of time has been to play this game during last 2 months. Is there really no hope here?

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Hmm how strange, I’ve never came across with such hackers.

Seriously? I’ve seen everything multiple times, sometimes in the same day. Most obvious ones are public 1v1 games. At least 1/3 of those games are some kind of cheats. The dumbest ones are where they change the map so they put more minerals in their base or even position some minerals directly to main building like on fastest maps. Those can be easily avoided by checking the map before game. You can always check if someone is smurfing. Other than that, I don’t know what to do and it’s not enough. There’s a report command, however it’s so vague and probably is just crap. I’m so sad to see how this great game has been ruined. The ladder is the biggest joke. Basically, top accounts are all cheaters and they’re just listed there on the top as a mockery

Are you talking about UMS games?, then that is 100% valid anyone can do anything they want under UMS.

Unlike SC2, SC1 cannot be verified by Blizzard because it is not a format that mapmakers upload to Blizzard’s servers. It is recommended to download the maps used in the league from the official site.
• ASL official maps:
• Fastest maps:

I understand :+1:. My recommendation is that you avoid maps from strangers. Some maps in the preview look exactly as the popular ones, like Big Game Hunters, but then you’ll realize it’s been modified if the game start downloading the map right after you joined the room.

Melee maps rigging is the easiest kind of cheat that Bli :zzz: ard can solve IMO, we talked about that a lot b4, a junior C++ dev can solve it actually, but we’ve no devs, the giant is asleep :zzz:.


In a recent tweet, Mike Ybarra said there would be news from W3:R in June. This sounds like good news for SC:R too. Because those games were on Team 1.

Looked all over for that, couldnt find it.