Team Matchmaking at Blizzcon

Do you think that Team Matchmaking (at least 2v2) has been ready for a while, but is being kept for Blizzcon, just as is suspected of Warcraft Reforged news, probably (as many believe) to help us forget Blizzcon 2018 ?


Its probable, but they wont Market anything Starcraft Remastered related that is not monetized somehow, and i doubt they are crazy enough to make Team Match Making pay only. It would only be acceptable if its a real “DLC” that comes with a lot, and mean a LOT of other features like AI, BWAPI, Team Match Making, BWchartz features in replay, new campaign, Remastered Cinematics (optional), and the list of about 20 features that people deserve like “Turning New Colors option OFF when creating a game” or “Being able to search 1v1 while searching team match making games”

But maybe you are right, i hope so…

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I doubt team matchmaking would be big enough to warrant inclusion in the opening ceremony. I do expect that we’ll be getting an update regarding where they are with it but I don’t see any reason for them to intentionally delay its inclusion.

Lol, I hope this is not serious …

First of all the people who paid for RM paid for stuff that still isnt in the game ( example 2 vs 2 ladder) so no keep your paid DLC out of this game, secondly nothing absolutly nothing from part of Blizzard has showed us any kind of interest or will to realese a super large content box, they are even struggling with already implemented features … So Why would you think they got any manpower or ressources to make something like that happen… ?

Group matchmaking will not be ready by the end of the year.

As far as paid DLC we’re mostly talking about announcers and console skins.