Steps forward: Blizz Classic and Modern Games Shows Failure

Maybe you remember me, maybe you do not, but as an update as to where I am at in my forum writings I am about to drive the nail home on completing a solid case against sexism with this company, particularly with it’s root classic Diablo 2 as I have identified a severely strong and undeniable implication that an absolutely progressively sexist seed has always been part of that game’s structure due to both what that structure implies alone and also by the implication of its incompleteness which begs an honest concern to question what kind of influence to our lives and communities has occurred all the way up to this day.

With that said, most of what is going to be talked about is how Blizzard has been totally neglecting the best interest for the Consumer even from just a decent business stand point with the Classics and Modern day games, but when and how it’s also been a moral/ethical catastrophe that’s slowly and strongly being uncovered, it really is starting to show what the aim of this company has been all along… Down the Toilet.

I was showing just how possible an expansion to Diablo 2 really was, but even with the modern day revisions of the classics such as with Diablo 3 we received a game that was from my perception more bland(or more simplistic), but where the interest of the consumer was neglected was in the (remember this)“benefit of the bloat”. That’s right, we didn’t receive the amount of content that we rightfully could and should have in both the classic and modern Starcraft and Diablo titles. The changed design philosophy in to a simpler one for both titles should have opened up ground for more Diablo characters and yes a 4th race in Starcraft and I am itching to tell you about how the 4th Starcraft race is very possible and perhaps most particularly, maybe even unfortunately, in Starcraft 2 which I as many others continue assert that falls short with out a real and legitimate swarm.

Just look at how pitiful the overall situation really is here. Both the classic and modern games are inexcusably falling short on content and when it starts to unfold that the classic games have even fallen short it truly becomes both insulting and disgusting for the loyal fans to this Company, but that’s just it… It’s like the message in both the actions and inactions of this company over the years SCREAMS “we do not want loyal fans”. I truly wonder what the business advantage is in that. Enlighten me on what’s wrong with the people and their minds here exactly…

So let’s just get right in to an honest attempt to consider a 4th race in the Starcraft Universe. In order to properly wrap one’s mind around a legitimate consideration you have to first position where the extremes stand. The extremes are Protoss and Zerg. Protoss represents the tank, and Zerg represents the cannon. If you have any understanding about the positional trinity, the role of the Flanker is next and that it’s very possible to consider 2 opposing Flankers in terms of their differential. And because the races are as different as they are, this means that Terran will take its own corner of a triangle rather then being placed on a line between Protoss and Zerg. And as Terran takes that corner it fully implies the potential for the opposing flanker in a square shape.

This is where the concept of say “The Dark Terran” is born and as proper as that concept is, it’s definitely is not implied that that is what the race should specifically be by any means. It just self evidently shows us how real of a start we have to spark some interest and excitement. At this point though, the archetype of the Borg enters the consideration hard but you have to be careful with how easy it is to enter in to Zerg territory on this note. In past universes such as in Startrek, the Borg submitted to a Hive Mind and one considers how easy it would be for insect structures to enter in to the picture. We would need a re-envisioning of the borg and being a structure that is opposingly inverse to terran is legitimate.

How about Anatomechs? Anatomy = the study of living structures, Mech = Machines. When you think of Borg and a half human half machine infantry type of unit immediately enters your mind you are right on target. The issue is that you don’t want an infantry unit to be on tier 1 comparable to Terran, otherwise you start entering in to Warcraft territory such as with footman and grunts for example. No if there is Borg Infantry like Structure then it ought to be tier 2. Unit sizes must differentiate but that would be up for debate. Aside from a line being drawn down the middle of the race in terms of infantry and anatomech “animal inspired machines”(stark difference from machine inspired animals) another line also should be considered which makes the race lean more towards tools and devices as part of its very nature, perhaps even opposed to the nature of its basic attacks. To me that just screams interesting but even the necessary blending of the tools and devices with animal/creature like machines screams character too. Imagine an ostrich like machine running around laying detonatable bombs and in the manner inspired from this egg layer. I suppose a good question would be, would the Borgs be able to ride these mechs?

But there you have it… the self evident proof of the possibility of a 4th race and that possibility should have been much more looked into considering the simpler direction that Starcraft went in to, but it wasn’t. Why does this all seem to tell me that this is a superiority complex with the people of this company? Or even a vengeful/hateful endeavor? There’s only one word that ultimately comes to mind here every time. Shame.

I’m pretty confused but my best interpretation is that this is another post saying we should approach a company that can’t be trusted to occasionally update a game’s map pool and demand that they completely redesign a 24-year old game around a concept it wasn’t designed to support.

I’ve got a lot of points to make about Blizzard losing its way as a company but this isn’t one of them.


You should at least be careful when you make this statement because the back to back release of Starcraft(1998) and Diablo 2(2000) made a huge statements in the manners of singling out and exclusion with particular races and characters, those being the Sorceress and Zerg. Regardless of the point that there are 3 races in Starcraft and Zerg is pretty unique, singling out is singling out. Zerg was able to be singled out in the negative manner by actually keeping them weaker. A devolved quantity driven race completely opposed to quality. Mindless monsters bred for the purpose of being slaughtered. Proof? how many times has zerg dominated the scoreboard in the units lost category? That score category is completely contradictory to the effect of winning even if it suggests a philosophy of zerg play. There is no philosophy of Zerg play.

The Sorceress in Diablo 2 was also entirely singled out in a negative manner. The Sorceress is the only Female Dependant in the game when perceived through the lense of the conceptual trinity, Soloist, Support, Dependant. Even though this female dependant was surrounded by male figures in every direction that she turns, the player select screen, merc, therefor dictating her dependency towards males, she was counteractively put on a pedestal with the strongest 1 pointed skill in the game… teleport. They had to do that because the Sorceress is a good looking hero by perception where as Zerg’s perception just makes the player pull out a gun and start slaughtering. On the other hand we have missing hero 8 which would have been the large scale female body type. Now let me ask you… did the large scale female type make it in to Diablo 2?

Don’t sit there and try to tell me that there is much difference between the mass slaughtering of cows and the mass slaughtering of Zerg. And at the end of the day, the Sorceress was singled out just as Zerg was because Blizzard perceives them in the same light. The Female Dependant(Sorceress) is just a devolved mass of low quality as is Zerg’s proper theme none the less. but at the end of the day, what is singled out and excluded is what is singled out and excluded. They can’t sit there and try to completely deny that a seed of progressive sexism wasn’t attempted to be planted in to the minds of the youth.

And for the record, they couldn’t have a 2 life per vitality point bowazon switching weapons in to a 3 life per vitality point javazon because female dependency is “not allowed” on the warrior side of the political spectrum dividing mages and warriors.

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You’ve made some fair points about having four races in StarCraft. But it also seems that your feedback, for both StarCraft and Diablo, is influenced by your political views :thinking:
I won’t comment on Diablo, but for StarCraft only, since it is what I’ve played.

The Zerg are strong in number. They are not a weaker race compared to the others, and the game is completely balanced with all of each race’s unique features incorporated.
As long as the Zerg are not portrayed in a disrespectful manner, I’m fine with the game and the company. Your criticism should aim to the game’s mechanics and playability, and not from the scope of animal rights and protection for the Zerg. They’re like animals (insects, more precisely). You can see how their decisions rely on the Overmind, the Cerebrates and Overlords, which gives them more characterization as an irrational, dangerous race, with an overwhelming strength. They are my favorite race, although I prefer playing as Protoss.
Another wise choice was to implement a good-looking design for the Zerg, because a player does not want to see horrible stuff on his screen. I think the same about including trees :deciduous_tree: for Aiur, instead of adding weird alien stuff: As a result, Jungle World is one of the prettiest tile sets. The priorities are correct. I’m affirming this as a campaign creator. And as a campaign creator, I enjoy writing a storyline for the Zerg the most.


They are also weak in numbers and put on a pedestal by a units lost category at the score screen and I never said anything about Zerg being portrayed negatively. Their unique structure ends up being for better or for worse but I’ll state it definitely ultimately ends up being worse. Lesser Quality and Mass is their theme. However this theme would be negative if another race or in this case a character from a different game was shown in the same spot light(singling out). Not sure why you waste your time to further write under your false accusations.

I will have the people of this forum know that post # 3 on this thread was removed and then later restored but on the Diablo 2 resurrected forums my thread was removed for trolling for saying virtually the same thing as stated on post 3 but in a less harsh questionnaire format as follows:

"And I am saving/keeping track of every disciplinary action in this legitimate fight against sexism from this company.

1. When you are slaughtering mass cows in Diablo 2, do you recall other blizzard game experiences with the mass slaughtering of high volumes of single unit types?

2. Do you have a particular preferred race that you play in Starcraft and when you see images of Zerg units, does it trigger you to want to put on a Terran combat suit , grab a gun and start mass slaughtering them as done so in the game?

3. Does the following image give a clear impression that an 8th hero was excluded from Diablo 2 with a large scale female body type?

4. The Golden Ratio could easily be described as a Mathematical implication for Beauty itself in Nature. Have you ever considered what identifying it in Diablo 2 would be like? Here are some images showing just that.

5 Soloists identified in one way of looking at the game…

And 5 Dependents identified in another way of looking at the game

Do the issues with the Amazon’s balance have anything to do with a contradictory blending of roles (Soloist, Dependant) where the matter seems to be covered up with high damage amounts from Javazon builds such as full lightning elemental investment with 1 hand and shield and weak physical damage output comparatively using 2 handed bow?

Does the alternating situational play philosophy of the Amazon between Bow and Javelin imply that the overall structure of this hero takes on a line shape as opposed to a dot and therefor indicates that this hero occupies slightly more than a single typical hero space?

When Brevik said that there were plans for Hero 8, would this not accurately place Diablo 2’s hero count at “somewhere over 8”? Therefor making it easy to identify the golden ratio in the game in more than just one way?


5. Have you ever felt a parallel between the Zerg Race and the Sorceress hero as being singled out in excessively positive or negative manners compared to the other races/characters?

If you have read these 5 questions and no harmonic sense of overall understanding has been invoked in you then you have every right to not participate in this thread and repeatedly ignore it if you are to ever come across it again on this forum."

There are simply no professionals and there is no leadership at this company. Period.
It’s stated in the policy that threads will be restored if the flagging from the community is wrong. I mean, disciplined for trolling in an honest fight against strong sexist implications in video games from a 5 question questionnaire!!??

There are two types of normal people, those who are strongly against Sexism and those who give in to the possibility of a Tool used to Divide and Conquer Culture.
-The Potential Tragedy of Normal People

Your feelings weren’t wrong.

What I see is that the only possible negative result of applying a weaker theme to another race or character is that it would not fit to such race or character. Therefore, this is a matter of consistency, and not a matter of singling out negatively.

2. Do you have a particular preferred race that you play in Starcraft and when you see images of Zerg units, does it trigger you to want to put on a Terran combat suit , grab a gun and start mass slaughtering them as done so in the game?

A player wants to kill the Zerg because they represent a legitimate threat. It is not based on prejudice.

You fail to wrap your mind around the principle of trichotomy vectors.

Weak-Quantity - Zerg (Pro: Efficient, but still comparably inconsistent as you put it)
Strong -Quality - Protoss (Con: Inefficient)
Position-Ability - Terran (Pro and Con: Extremely Efficient and Inefficient)

The prior can be proven in two ways:

  1. In order to have 3 legitimate THEME UNIQUE races you can’t just simply balance 3 different sets of contrasting elements and end up with the atmospherically unique Zerg, Terran and Protoss… The Races actually have to turn out with conflicting aims as opposed to shared or neutral aims. The beauty of the possibility of the confliction yet balance lies in element 3, the efficiency.

  2. There are or at least for sure with Zerg is an odd man out unit(Ultralisk) which overlaps with the protoss theme of strong quality with also it’s additional layered upgrades comparable to protoss. Why is the ultralisk an entirely necessary unit? Because when you look at the differential of the collective race defining elements you can add up the positive and negatives and zerg will ultimately fall short.

Zerg- Negative, Neutral, Positive
Protoss- Positive, Positive, Negative
Terran- Neutral, Positive, Neutral

The scheme may turn out a tight proportioning but since zerg ends up on the bottom it is going to end up as the prime justification for why zerg has Ultralisks.

But that depends on if Zerg makes it to Ultralisks with their unique directional design structure(singled out is singled out) where expanding first is standard. And that right there is what ends up being the end all be all inferiority of the race. But just because one acknowledges this illusive inferiority doesn’t mean he ends up with a worthy solution. What would they do? Put Ultralisks on tier 2 and tone down their upgrades so that after expanding, a straight shot to Ultralisks becomes possible? Or just simply allow for the production of 1 ultralisk for every hatchery that is made with out even making an ultralisk cavern? Even if that were to make things healthier for e-sports, I doubt that enough people(including myself) would be on board with that change, which I believe is why most people(including myself) put their hope in to a missing element of the swarm, not the Ultralisk.

A legitimate threat or is it because they feel like they are popping a clustered infestation of zits like bubble wrap and efficiently purging sentient toxicity from their territory?

Finally, at the end of the day, I am not going to change the favorable perception of Zerg(lesser quality and mass) just because of Ultralisks.

A favorable perception is a favorable perception.

There could have been charging suicidal zerglings as a prerequisite to suicidal bane lings but once again it seems one runs in to the problem of what people would go for. And how they would make sense of this lore wise…

My ultimate opinion is that they should have found a way to merge Plague and Broodlings(broods that reduce enemy life down to 1 hit point) applying a sacrificial theme but not allow it to be effective in tandem with Ultralisks in such a manner that if the Ultralisk stepped on them they would die. My best thought.

I think that would still keep viable aggressive micro and defensive macro strategies on the table with out forcing unstable all in/turtle boring your opponent to cause both you and your opponent and e-sports to be upset or set up for failure either way.

And then Overlords occupy larvae but don’t fulfill the role of economy or warrior(even if drop utility, has nothing to do with saving starcraft the sport) so one would think that that there would be the potential with PLOODLINGS, most likely in a sacrificial manner.

And you know, you could make an argument that Zerg also has adrenal glands on tier 3 for Zerglings but when you start putting different units on tier 3 pedestals, you’re starting to conflict with zerg’s one directional function and it also just looks like you’re overly trying to make up for something missing in a sloppy and negative way.

Ultralisks serve as a battering ram, which means that they are not intended for a tier 2 game. The Zerg are the least effective in the situation where an enemy base is located on the high ground, or is only accessed by a choke point, and it has a stacked, fully-upgraded defense (in the late game). Reavers and Siege Tanks can become a huge problem as well, when the Zerg are trying to claim an enemy base; that’s why some Ultralisks would become really handy in the late game.
In multiplayer, the Zerg player must have a permanent numerical advantage in terms of controlled bases. If resources are unlimited and placed across the map, the Zerg are unbeatable.

The Zerg are literally toxic to humans (and protoss), it is not a matter of perception.
Zerg efficiency: I’m not sure in relation to what you are comparing it to.
From my perspective, the three races are equally efficient in relation to resources: With the same amount spent they benefit the same.
But if we refer to unit production, the Zerg need more units to complete the same task (but not necessarily same population), which makes them more inefficient.

When you speak of map ledges and multiplayer just realize that I have made these points before… So is your point that in multiplayer games(not 1v1 but 2v2 and beyond) without chokes and ledges is where Zerg could possibly find their legitimate strength? I’ve also said that Zerg was an air race, implying that they would only find their strength in 1v1 on island maps. Where’s the island maps in competitive play? All points that get swept under the rug.

A lot of people will tell you that Zerg finds its strength in numbers but that is not true at all. A surprise mass of offensive production can easily turn in to a significantly massive failure. Zerg and the word numbers in the same paragraph should be shunned. For now on when anyone talks about the swarm, it is in reference to the dark swarm only.

Unless you are talking about efficiency only. But that wouldn’t be just about higher unit count at all, that would also equally be about smaller unit sizes and greater unit speed(such as in sc2 creep for example) which would then in turn generate a “swarm sense”

Let’s look back on another term that I used… “low quality” instead of weak for the time being. Obviously terran and protoss are going to have a higher quality most of the time from more diverse army composition. That’s not the entire case however since hydralisk/ lurker is a thing and so is muta/guardian. BUT… it’s a FAVORABLE POINT. But it’s a favorable point that needs to be coupled with another point. Zerg’s specialties such as plague. The defiler is surely my greatest point on a negative/weak theme that is established in the Zerg race. Imagine a unit that kills the units of its own tribe to cast a weakening spell, and even yet, cannot ultimately kill any units of the Terran and Protoss races by itself. I’m trying to point out to you that there is a theme going on here… That Zerg is weak because of how quickly that it can lose it’s “semi all in masses” to the same kind of specialization of the T and P opponents, and then on the other side of the coin you have that same specialization killing its very own units to apply mostly weakening to the opponent’s army, without ultimately being able to kill any units in its own right.

I was going to say that you would be the type of person that is, at their core, emotionally unstable and ultimately finds humor in this situation, a humor that you conceal and act like you are willing to engage in a serious discussion when you are really not because if the note ends in laughter for you, it reveals that you have all of your belief invested in the dogma that “all is well that ends well”. But since you don’t have the emotional discipline or strength of conduct you are unable invest your belief in to a quality diversity of even other dogmas also, showing that you are mentally ill/emotionally out of control. Sure I was going to state all this and state it confidently but you know what?

You actually sparked a reasonable idea out of me. Not an originally one but a completion to one of my previous. The idea would be that when Queens parasite key enemy units that cost gas that THAT is what becomes the gateway for the forward leaping collision suicidal zergling (that ultimately ends up a prerequisite to the baneline in Sc2).

But I will have you know that the day that I came up or realized the leaping collision suicidal zergling it was when starcraft 2 was in a greater peak of popularity and OHH NO, the devs couldn’t allow this kind of idea/suggestion on their forums because the beginning of something that is actually reasonable has the potential to hurt the image of their game during primetime sales.

But there you have it. Zerg is definitely singled out for sure and is definitely embracing a weakness theme. All one has to do is put 1 and 1 together. Chose to put it together or not. But remember one thing very carefully, this has also equally been all about shutting down the potentially good ideas to either complete or support the zerg strength up to par. There definitely always is the other side of the picture, but overall, this picture is a negative spotlight and one that is shared with the Sorceress from Diablo 2.

At the end of the day, weakness, low quality, rewarded for mass suicides because that supports the entertainment value for sales, and we’ll even add stupidity for consuming their own units while not being able to kill others.

Hell, we’ll even add boring in the sense of their apparent anti support of e-sport entertainment. Surely there’s a decent “root of all evil” accusation to be made in there somewhere.

But would I have it any other way, most likely not…

But that’s the disturbing part when Zerg and the Sorceress are the singled out hero/race choices in back to back released games.

There aren’t island maps on e-sports because most people :roll_eyes: find them boring :sleeping:. Although I like island maps, StarCraft tournaments are not meant for variety :wink:.

Something really strange to say, since I’m quite the opposite of what you say. Most of the time I’m chill :sunglasses:.

I still think the Zerg are the strongest race. And most people believe the game is very well balanced. I don’t see why Blizzard should excessively worry about changing the game mechanics.
They gave us Remastered 20 years after the game was released. If I had anything to critique on Blizzard would be that they didn’t value enough their own game :unamused:.

Did anyone out there with a head on their shoulders read this brainwashed dogma that this apparently decent person has sold their open mind for?

Zerg are literally toxic to HUMANS and protoss, and it isn’t even a matter of perception!!!

Said humans as though they were including their very own self in the category.

It’s not even a matter of seeing female dependency(sorceress) in the same isolated shadow of weakness(in the face of protoss and specialization and the mostly failed hope of some kind of consistency in their own potential strength) , contradiction(stupidity), and lesser quality(lack of diversity) anymore… It’s straight toxicity, no questions asked.

Not just negative but strongly negative and to the point that it is a threat of bringing others down.

How many times am I going to see this type of person who has bought in because they like the way the previous information makes them feel at the expense of someone or even something else if they place zerg in the classification of things rather than individuals.

Toxic you insist!? I wasn’t even going that far… I was just saying that negativity was a theme of the Zerg race because when you have 3 very unique races, one of the races has to step up and take one for the starcraft universe team. That race is going to be the one that is the ugliest you see because that’s what is going to appeal the most to the player. It’s perfectly fine that Zerg are the ones who take the full brunt of the negativity, but I want you to consider the irony here.

The fantastic irony is that sacrifice is and always will be the actual philosophy of the zerg race, not really having anything to do with their numbers but rather the fact of their parallel production which becomes an asset to their sacrificial raiding with mineral only units(mostly lings) on higher gas costing units.

When most people complain about zerg at their core, it’s about the lack of completion of the swarm theme. Sure the theme of negativity is there, but with out saying that the game is imbalanced and not fair for zerg, one could propose that it may be easy to deceive people by hiding actual inferiority behind a theme of negativity. That would then place all of the weight on ideas that make sense for zerg but doesn’t break the balance of the game.

So the question is, what are the best ideas since Blizzard hasn’t even come forth to suggest the best things to consider while forming the needed ideas to make zerg more popular?

Here are 3 and pay attention to the first priority.

  1. Philosophy of Zerg Play - Sacrifice: Starcraft 1 queens cast parasite and then parasited enemy units are now vulnerable to a life sacrificing leap charge at the target.

  2. Best for E-sports - Weakness turned to Strength: StarCraft 2 queens can mutate in to the only apparent unit that would go -1 on armor and move at high speed.

  3. Best for the Swarm - Strength through Weakening: Broodlings and Plague are merged together in to a Ploodling for lack of a better term.

But you see, I have more or less posted these suggestions before and they were removed by Blizzard at the time when the game was popular or when it mattered, or when anyone cared. That, right there, is the worst of the worst when it comes to this company.

The reason why these ideas were shut down for zerg was because they were against advancing, adorning and broadening the race.(all synonyms for culture) But the shared isolated shadow with the female dependant(Sorceress) from Diablo 2 truly shows what this has been about all along. An attack on Culture period. By dividing and conquering female dependency the progressive sexism can turn in to a divide and conquer of culture which allows Blizzard Entertainment to make more money on less for sure.

And have they made more on less? That’s what the original post is all about. They used the same amount of races and characters in their modern games as they did in their old ones to make more on less because even the old games could have legitimately had more but with the modern games even much more which totally shows that any fan or even customer loyalty was entirely thrown under the bus and they went for the money and the money only. Practically revealing that it’s truly they themselves who are the actual greedy Zerg who are, ironically, so stupid that they don’t even know when it’s their own selves that they are shooting in the foot because one would like to believe that they are also part of the culture of humanity to a certain degree.

The Zerg are individuals. Like I said before, they are like animals. Each living creature has the same value, but at the same time, serves a different purpose. For that they’re an inefficient race.
It’s like saying humans are equal in dignity but different to each other. Each person is unique and irreplaceable. That doesn’t mean :confused: sending Marines to step on enemy Spider Mines to clear the area ain’t a good idea.
If the Zerg have an apparent lesser value that’s because of the evil :smiling_imp: collectivism the Overmind has implanted over them, then, and taken advantage by Infested Kerrigan later.
The Zerg are the only race that does not rely on the use of technology. They are biologically superior, and that makes them highly respectable.
I hope this clears things up.

About Blizzard Entertainment :yum:… I’m pretty sure they received lots of suggestions everywhere, anytime :blush:.

“If the Zerg have an apparent lesser value that’s because of the evil :smiling_imp: collectivism the Overmind has implanted over them, then, and taken advantage by Infested Kerrigan later.” -Savora

What you are simply saying is that the Overmind is evil because it gives a false sense of swarm when Zerg is really a parallel producing and directional race? I agree 110%. Now allow me to introduce you to an entire dimension of legitimate evil. Boredom in E-sports and the failure of balancing Risk to Reward with Zerg’s “raiding sacrificial all in surges” of mineral costing units on ideally higher gas costing enemy units. The rewarded points for units lost on the scoreboard reveals a contradictory motivation to keep losing units with the impression that if you keep sending zerglings, we’ll say, directly at those key units that no matter how many units you lose it may still be worth it to you because you will be rewarded with, we’ll say, an explosion of say, a tank, which deals splash damage to its own allied units when it is destroyed/explodes.

And therefor, because no real motivator like this exists for Zerg, it doesn’t merely go against some kind of vague suspicious philosophy of their play, it goes against the very fundamental mechanics that are telling you how you NEED to play. And so, since Zerg cannot stay integrated on that aim, it really REALLY shows how evil the impression of the Overmind and Swarm is. Talk about shifting from a potential impression of a weak negative to a contradictory stupor.

But not all gas units will even explode like a tank. So therefor you have to ask, what happened to the evolution of parasite from the queen where if you kill a parasited unit it will explode with AoE damage against its own tribe and allies? Too much damage too fast you say? To many terran and protoss units potentially lost too quickly you say? That doesn’t fit the zerg theme/way you say? Ok so then why not an explosion of the parasited unit in to not just broodlings but PLOODLING!? the merging of plague and broodling? (where the broodlings cannot finish enemies off)

Ah… there is the point of tragedy exposed showing how this has all been both a resistance and attack on culture in its many forms. In this case, anything considered for Zerg that may advance, adorn or broaden them for the betterment of the entire game and E-sports.

“The moral responsibility of the American humorist is the deriding of shams, the exposure of pretentious falsities, and the laughing of stupid superstitions out of existence. Thus, the humorist is the natural enemy of royalties, nobilities, privileges, and all kindred swindles, and is the natural friend of human rights and liberties.” - Mark Twain

I think Mark Twain is out of touch on this quote. He forgot the humbleness of not turning the situation in to a superiority complex war between humorists from from all social positions. I mean, was Twain aiming to divide and conquer the nobs in to the difference between who is noble and who are born in to nobility? And possibly disregard and disrespect the leadership and facilitation roots that allowed them to represent with an outstanding pride?

I’m not trying to make fun of this company’s sham, overly magnify this company’s falsity, or accuse their superstition as being stupid such as that if Zerg were to advance, adorn and broaden that it would too easily offset the imbalance of race growth rates with Zerg giving the impression that they can grow the fastest and become a super power too quick too fast. That’s why supply cap exists in the game.

I will say however, that they ultimately embarrass, and shame themselves with the obvious intent of this all being about money only.

What would Twain say about a Noble aim with the discouragement of immediately going emotionally out of control(laughter) because it was staying in emotional control that was able to expose the unfortunate situation or misunderstanding which gave everyone something to laugh about in the first place?

One thing is for sure… I’m not laughing about the shared shadow of singling out between the Zerg race in Starcraft and the Female Depandant Exclusive(Sorceress) in Diablo 2.

Oh and to sum up your point…

Every individual Zerg death matters and it happens a lot…

It’s also pretty funny because it’s not like the argument from the zerg players has been that the zerg strength hasn’t been there… it’s that the swarm hasn’t been there…

A.K.A “strength in weakening”

It seems clear and obvious that Blizzard hasn’t been understanding the complaint as much as they have been hearing it. They do this at their own cost and peril of generating an impression of the stupid side of carelessness. Thoughtless.

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There’s one observation I want to make, regarding your last post :mailbox:. Siege Tanks exploding do not deal damage to other allied units, it’s only their Arclite Cannon’s AOE. But it’s just a nitpick, really.
About what you originally said in post #5, I find it strange that you use the golden ratio to decribe relations between categories, when this number is actually nothing more than a self-repeating pattern generator in exponential growth, hence its intrinsic beauty and its presence everywhere in nature. But I’m a Physicist, not a Mathematician.

I am merely putting a few points together and drawing a conclusion of strong suspicion. But here’s how I will try to explain this through these games. Starcraft really gives the impression that it has captured 3 equally unique themes with 3 races but we also know that there is no such thing as 3 perfectly equally unique structures. If I was trying to create 3 totally unique structures and have them be balanced, it would consist of two opposing styles(this could be terran and protoss) and then structure three would be an extreme of both styles divided and united(this could be zerg). Here’s how you can legitimately perceive this but I’ll propose it through question. Is the Zergling but just an extreme Marine? Is the Ultralisks but just an extreme Zealot? Zerglings and Ultralisks are totally distinct from one another but they are totally related by the same Carapace and Melee upgrades. Pretty beautiful aey? But that alone isn’t the only thing you have to consider when creating 3 races. There are all the other elements, particularly specialization, where things start to become thematic which inevitably and maybe even sourly forces the trichotomy of Positive, Negative, and Neutral and with this trichotomy I really wish I could expose/express another trichotomy like Contradict(Negative), Compliment(Positive), and Indifferent(Neutral). Consume vs Illusions vs Spider Mines. Zerg may be embracing a negative theme but the theme is apparently integrated gracefully and the number 9 ends up being key to that grace with the format aforementioned in previous posts.

Zerg- Negative, Neutral, Positive
Protoss- Positive, Positive, Negative
Terran- Neutral, Positive, Neutral

We could simply say each race represents Negative, Positive and Neutral as a proposed trichotomy but I’d say that it’s safe to know it is deeper then that and we achieve that depth by going from 3 to 9. Now here is the critical point… we don’t go from 3 to 9 through the bland arrangement of Negative(x3) Positive(x3) and Neutral(x3) and say that the Races represent this Trichotomy. It has to be rearranged and mixed up such that the races have character on a podium of difficulty(such as 4, 3, 2, aforementioned). Balance may then be tightened up with proportioning but at the same time, perfect balance might be awkward and something to be careful of. The podium effect may ultimately be an unavoidable favoritism of the races too, but that should mean we look to viable hopes and possibilities in ways that make the most complimentary sense for the races that much more.

Anyway, just as you wouldn’t have Negative(x3) Positive(x3) and Nuetral(x3) in Starcraft, you also wouldn’t have 3 pure Soloists, 3 pure Supports and 3 pure Dependents in Diablo 2. Comparably associated like Support(Positive), Dependant(Negative), Soloist(Nuetral). Therefor you would mix up and rearrange for character like we did in starcraft but the podium doesn’t seem to exist in Diablo 2 because differentiating would not be as critical with up to possibly, we’ll say, 9 heroes vs 3 races.

This ultimately ends on a critical question which is, how do you mix up the roles(in this case through majors and minors) in such a way to squeeze out as many unique heroes from 9 as possible? The 8th color of the rainbow discovered in 2014 inspired me to believe that 8 out of 9 was the maximum and it made perfectly fine sense because a ratio would generate a sense of identity/character tension. This was the point I started investigating whether the golden ratio could be identified in the game, realized the significance of 5/8.0866 and so looked for each of those individually and believe I have successfully found the suggestions of these numbers.

One thing that’s surely at least of relative interest is the following.

The minimum deviation angle for the primary bow [of a rainbow] is 137.5° according to Wikipedia. This is known as the rainbow angle. A circle is 360 degrees, so the ratio of the rainbow angle to the circle is therefore the square of the golden ratio i.e. 137.5:360 = 1:2.61818~”.Sep 3, 2017

One thing about the golden ratio involvement is that it inspired me to think that there was, phenomenally, the possibility of 9 total heroes out of the 9, rather than 8, suggesting that, you can actually squeeze 9 out of 9 instead of 8/9.

I find the reasoning for why to be quite fascinating due to a symmetrical translation of diversity in to an extreme of opposition.

Which is how I believe I have discovered, by technicality, a warlock archetype by inverted opposition of the Sorceress. But also simultaneously inspired by a half human half vampire.

Jure Grando Alilović or Giure Grando (1579–1656) was a villager from the region of Istria (in modern-day Croatia) who may have been the first real person described as a vampire in historical records. He was referred to as a strigoi, štrigon, or štrigun, a local word for something resembling a vampire and a warlock.

And finally…

Surely the golden ratio is truly inspiring.
I think StarCraft might have more than three races, but less than four, considering the existence of the Protoss/Zerg hybrids. Not Protoss, not Zerg, and certainly not a brand new race either. So, the number of races might lay down somewhere between 3 and 4. How about 3.14…?
But Mathematics always demands rigorous demonstrations.
Blizzard could be inspired by the number e, which gives the highest interest rate for loans. It means more $$$, the limit 2.71…

Now some physics :ok_hand:
Eighth color in the rainbow :rainbow: you say. There are seven canonical colors in the rainbow, but infinite :infinity: colors in reality.
We can only distinguish a finite number of colors, whether by composition of other colors or not, whether by light being emitted, or light being reflected from a surface (secondary source).
According to quantum mechanics, the color of the light in the visble spectrum (or any type of electromagnetic radiation) depends on the photon frequency. Infrared light is made of low frequency photons, below red light; while ultraviolet light :sparkles: is made of high frequency photons, above violet light. Since the energy is quantized, each photon of the same frequency has the same energy; but ultraviolet photons have, each one, more energy than infrared photons.

Edit: Oh I forgot :sweat_smile:. I was saying all that about photons because of quantization :wink:. The energy is quantized. But the frequency of the photon is not quantized, which means that a photon can have any possible value of frequency in the visible spectrum, thus resulting in infinite possible colors :grinning:.

People may suggest a protoss zerg hybrid, but they are probably only going off of the lore of the already infested terran.

If zerg and protoss are the extremes and I assert that they are then what about the homogeneous contrast of the duller or neutral. I say duller but if you notice, terran is an abilified and divided race. Those two elements seem to be in place to off set the nuetrality which may cause their interest to go beyond protoss and zerg really.

If we say Protoss is black and Zerg is white then would Terran be the synthesis of the two? Truly it seems like they achieved something like that with Starcraft 2 reactors and marauders that you can still only make one at a time(if I remember correctly) but the reality of the matter seems to be that Terran could be Brown with the opposite of brown being Stale Blue or Overcast.

But just remember that we were told that we got more unique races in starcraft 2. And so if that was a lie to the caliber of a contradiction then any reasonable person would be wondering where at least race 4 is.

This is where we should safely be able to conclude that Blizzard can’t even do wrong the right way…

Oh and it seems that in blizzard’s overly simplifying business milking, all they did was lean terran more towards zerg since they already naturally leaned more towards protoss in order to capture the middle. They acknowledge grey but they don’t acknowledge the homogeneous contrast between brown and stale blue.

Grey has nothing to do with differentiating the races like they claimed. Grey doesn’t even exist in the colors of light. I bet brown and stale blue exist more in light than grey does.

Everyone should behold this fantastic and pitiful hypocritical failure of this company.

(no I already read about how there is no grey, talk about seeing the light ey?)


In further consideration, let’s just not consider terran’s step towards zerg with parallel production since the macro mechanics were nearly voted out of the game by the devs.

If we go back to the 3 unique structure rule of two opposing or two different races under the same design/function philosophy (T and P), and then a race both divided and united by the examples which were zergling and ultralisk divided by initial tier 1 and late tier 3 and united by carapace and melee upgrades, and also finally knowing that the zergling is suppose to be the extreme translation of the marine and the ultralisk the extreme translation of the zealot then it raises at least 2 concerning questions for me.

  1. The zergling is not ranged. Of course it’s not suppose to be but in sc2 zerg got roaches. Now roaches are much more like a protoss unit. If protoss never got immortals then it might have made their mess up look better but roaches were still out of place. Roaches really cut in to and ultimately ruined the beauty of zergling ultralisk like I’m trying to explain here. Roaches are awful but you know what? I’d say that locusts are definitely a step in the right direction compared to roaches. They wouldn’t replace zerglings with locusts but why wouldn’t there have been room for zerglings to mutate in to locusts. And locusts could be ranged and attack ground to ground to be different but they could have a shorter or even longer attack range and be a step up on attack efficiency over marines. At that point your probably cutting in to void ray territory but still.

  2. The other concern is that, sure, the zergling and ultralisk might produce from the same production building and share the same melee and carapace upgrades but here is the holy grail point… if Zerg is actually the true offensive race and doing offensive unit comps like zergling + hydra is hard then why can’t zerg share a ground attack upgrade but then have two separate armor upgrades for melee and missile ground?

See when protoss can upgrade ground attack or armor which upgrades melee and ranged together it gives the impression that it’s the zealot that is the extreme translation of the zergling and that the dragoon is the extreme translation of the marine. But think about how inaccurate that really is. Zealots and Dragoons produce from the same building so they are united in that aspect and then they are also united in upgrades and even have an additional defensive upgrade of shields. That gives the impression that 3 unique races from the start wasn’t even a thing to the the point that it was even imposed. Where’s the division between zealot and dragoon for being united then? And the zealot and dragoon are hardly extreme translations of the zergling and marine.

And then finally, if you don’t have 3 races that are properly unique from the start and you’re even pushing one race towards another to create a grey middle ground, then there isn’t much other conclusion that you are successfully closing off the legitimate hope of the possibility of a 4th race.

Conceptually it’s like they had black and white and chose not to see black and white as colors, but rather shades, and then created the grey. When they could have chosen to acknowledge black and white as colors and acknowledge the possibility of brown and greyish blue(stale blue).

It’s all a business strategy to make everything (3 game trilogy) on nothing (grey). Do you realize how much it is just straight stealing money from people? But what’s half the reason they are so successful at it? Because they had divided and conquered the culture in the first place through progressive sexism.

Nothing about what you posted, at least during your initial post, fails to reflect your initial statements. These two IP’s were born in the 90’s and you are just using sexism as clickbait. A fourth race would ruin Starcraft, proof? Look at the state of Starcraft 2. With Broodwar and the supposed “sequel” you have great examples of what made each game great and how they both failed. In my opinion Starcraft 2 was doomed from the start because of COOP. What you were asking for in terms of gameplay came about from SC2’s COOP mode which is much less refined than the original Broodwar gameplay. They literally just started pumping out whatever sells. The remaster did not meet sales and they nearly pulled the plug is what I bet my money on. This was never about sexism this is about the people behind the company who have no desire to give the fans what they want, the original people and creators of our loved IP’s are long gone and retired as they should be. To expect these people to return would have actually wiped our IP’s off the face of the earth due to the fact that they would be completely sick of working on these games entirely. A lot of the material was lost or destroyed and I am honestly shocked they remastered Diablo 2 at all. Your posts are offensive and not at all constructive people have debated a 4th race since 1998 man, it was never going to happen with the original design team, it ain’t happening now and honestly it would destroy what we have left. Enjoy your damn rainbows.

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