Starcraft Remastered error 3:26


I’ve played Starcraft remastered withouth an issue on my PC since a few days now. (I’ve completed Terran Single player quests, and started playing with the Zerg.)
Today after started the game I’ve recieved an error with code: 3:26
The game itself is playable, it is some Network connecting issue. Howerver I haven’t got any networking problem (Obviously :smiley: )

When I’ve clicked oin the login button at the upper right corner, it required a login. It looked ok, MFA worked, and I get this 3:26 code again…

Reinstalling the game doesn’t helped :frowning:
Any suggestion?

Sorry forget the topic, found the reason sry…

Error 3:26 ? I reinstalled the game and this still happens - Technical Support - Starcraft Forums (

Hey GreenBird,

There’s a long maintenance going on right now.

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