Starcraft Remastered cannot enable HD Graphic because of ban


I bought Starcraft: Remastered after buying Starcraft on BNet after buying Starcraft on CD with all the expansions when released. I’m also the owner of many Blizzard games and i have paid thousands of USD to this company in the past for games like Diablo, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, etc.

How is Blizzard saying “thank you” ? By banning my account in the first hours of Starcraft gameplay. But this isn’t the topic here.

I’m working hard and I enjoy playing a relaxed game, without grinding resources, by using cheats, in single player alone. Ofc I understand the EULA and the fact that is against the rules to cheat in multiplayer games. Actually I never touched the multiplayer in Starcraft - you can check the logs of my account as proof. But again, it’s not about my ban.

*So … I entered the built-in cheats and when I tried to play Starcraft Remastered few hours later, bang ! I couldn’t login, account banned. *
*Really ? Banning my account for single player campaign use of built-in cheats ?? Why did you added the cheats in the game in the first place ? To be able to ban players ? Wow … that was actually incredible. *

I wanted to bring this abusive decision to the new Microsoft tech support. Please review such abuses and correct them.

I also created a ticket to challenge this excessive ban.
Again, since I don’t play multiplayer, I cannot care less about the ban.

Here is the argument of this topic : the worse part is that I cannot enable the HD Graphics anymore for my single player games - I was trying to hyperlink the screenshot but the website isn’t allowing me to do so.

I just want to be able to enable the HD Graphics in single player. I’m asking the Tech Support why it isn’t possible. I own Starcraft: Remastered and I only want to play the single player campaign.

Thank you for reading. I hope you will provide a solution to my HD Graphics problem. The ban is irrelevant here.

Best regards,
Dott. Emilian Epure MD

Using starcraft 1 built in cheat code does not automatically ban you from the game, such as poweroverwhelming, show me the money, etc, you sure you bought the CD key from blizzard and not third party vendor or steal CD key yourself? You probably haven’t bought it from third party, and has been running cheats on top of bots on blizzard systems. That’s why you got a permanent ban.

Cideed is correct. Using the built in cheat codes of any Bliz game will not trigger an account action. Additionally, due to investigations taking time, what one is doing around the time of the account action is highly unlikely to be the cause.

You don’t own the game. You simply own a license to play it and/or features within it. However, that license can be revoked if the EULA, CoC, etc are broken.

In the case of SCR, the standard edition is always playable because it’s free to play. However, because the remastered content is a purchased license, revoking the license (a ban) would result in losing access to the remastered content. Hence, the ban itself is why you can’t access the remastered content.

Technical support does not accept or pass on feedback/criticism. The General Discussion forum is the appropriate place for those. If you choose to challenge the ban, Technical Support is not involved in account actions meaning nothing can be done over the forums. The only course of action is to submit an appeal ticket.

As a side note, that acquistion hasn’t taken place.


If your Starcraft account was banned you should generally not have access to the game at all, single player or multiplayer. The HD graphics are tied to the license on the account and the ban would remove that access. There is no way around this.

If you want to play Starcraft Remastered with HD graphics again you would need to purchase a new copy of the game under a different account.