Starcraft Remasterd mac - No guide Whatsoever?-

So i have a mac pc i use from time to time, i cant get over the fact that there seems to be no guide or forums posts for mac starcraft remastered, other than some bug problems .
It is literally a lightsyears difference to play on mac…

Beginning with mouse sensitivity, which took me days to somewhat fix with software, not so much with commands … (Dont forget to adjust mouse dpi based on screen resolution and size.)

-Hotkeys being different … surprised
I cant get over the fact, that there seems to be literally no information about the difference of the different starcraft versions on any of the major starcraft information websites fandom, liquipedia,etc.

First Steps

-To alt hotkey (with chat) : CTRL + hotkey on mac

-Play carboot skin, it looks really good on mac because of colors, and also saves a bit performance, iam pretty sure, at least on windows i used to get more frames with carbot i guess it also does on mac…

-For mouse help: htps://

For me htps://
because i have an older version macOS.

htps:// this one for newer versions

(There are also commands you can input but it was not as preferable. And not as good results)

-Command + C or V to copy past ingame, you already know probably.

Why does starcraft not blink or not make sounds sometimes when somebody join lobby ? I remember vaguely that you could toggle this in battlnet on windows but i cant find it on mac …

I also notice there are some more options for keyboard in the mac version, which was interesting …

Is it just perception or is the mac version even less supported or less than the windows version ?
What other differences are there?

-command + tab to like alt+ tab on windows …

-Alt+ F4 = Option-Command-Esc= alt+command+ESC= alt+windowskey+ESC;(I know command+ Q or command +w can work on normal applications in mac, not in starcraft remastered though )

-Alt+ highlighed Letter= CTRL+ Highlighed letter , on mac; sometimes for some reason it is like on windows ALt+ highlighed letter.
-As an example to join channels you use alt+h on mac,
-alt+a add friends,
-and suddenly alt+C to canceal in those menus … In other Menus however you can only use CTRL + C on mac… Strange

CTRL+ALT+F= shows frames, same on mac.

Ctrl+alt + T= Show turnrate in multiplayer game, same on mac.

-F5, F6 ,F10, Ctrl S, ctrl m, alt m, tab, shift tab, alt click, ctrl click, shift click,alt q,alt x, shift F2-F4,etc. same as windows.

-Middle mouse button works for some reason better on mac, moving on the minimap.

-Ctrl j opens chat not sure if this works on windows lol

-ctrl i toggles minimap like tab also not sure if this works on windows…

-Command/windows key + m = like alt + enter small window; Or alt +enter also works on mac.

-Command/windows key + H minimizes starcraft , works with all windows in mac, on windows it is windowskey + w i think.

Extra features on mac
When i saw those 3 options only for mac i was excited, sadly non works, does not do any change. No matter, if you give it permision in mac settings to alter stuff. Would be interesting to know, if it works for other people … What a bump: -Disable OS Keyboard shortcuts, Use Command instead of Ctrl for hotkeys, Use standart function keys. Under Keyboard Input right bottom in Game menu under options.

Alt + F1 toggles the “Use Mouse confine” when the game is in Windowed mode. You can toggle the option on mac, but it doesnt effect. On windows it does…
Notification player join lobby, or game starting
There seems to be no orange blinking when players join the lobby of a custom game … I dont know if there is some settings for it, but i looked and doesnt
seem to be … On windows on the other hand you get the orange blinking …
Iam talking when you are doing something else while waiting to get enough players… When playing ladder the same …
The minimal would be High Sierra


Minimum Requirements Recommended Specifications
Operating System OS X® 10.13 macOS® 10.15 (latest version)
Processor Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Intel Core i3 or better
Video NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 2600 Pro NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M or ATI Radeon HD 5670 or better
Memory 2 GB RAM 4 GB RAM
Storage 8 GB HD space
Internet Broadband Internet connection
Input Keyboard and mouse
Resolution 1024 x 768 minimum display resolution

Note: FileVault options and case-sensitive formatted volumes are not supported for installation of Blizzard games.
For older versions this seems to help

Starcraft Remastering not launching
Apple doenst support 32 bit anymore or something like that… Which i assume lead to this:

There seems to be no 32bit version or they removed it or no longer supported it or whatever. At least, i cant see it in my folders. Some people also cant seem to launch their game because of that, when they have checked the option of launching the 32bit version in their battlenet launcher.
As such,
Battlenet logo (Battlenet Menu)- settings-Game settings-click on the arrow left of starcraft logo starcraft name to open up a submenu,- uncheck “Launch 32-bit client(instead of 64-bit)”- Done


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Hmm, just like I remember, it says “Windows CD-ROM” which means its made primarily for Windows.
I doubt they made Remastered to support Mac very well either.
Just as a reminder: Just because it doesn’t support your OS, doesn’t mean it can’t run.

lol, that is the orginal starcraft… Not starcraft REmastered …
Like i said i can run the game, literally playing… I just wonder why about some things … Like Alt+ F4 for mac … And iam curious why i cant find website that talks about the fact that mac has different hotkeys … like CTRL+ shortcut instead of ALT + shortcut … IT is Bizarre

My guess, not many users

Yeah, I don’t know why I thought you’d read my whole post about Remastered being upgraded using the foundation of the original game, which was primarily for Windows (with much of the original team already gone).

What post? What sources?

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