Starcraft crashed

Game is not launched. Window open and crashed.


Is Microsoft OneDrive active? If it is, it’s not compatable with Starcraft Remastered.

If you are using it, see this article to learn how to unsync your “Starcaft” folder (which is inside your “Documents” folder).

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I’m not using Onedrive, but I deleting this program and…
Game is not be launched…window small…window…and error…new number is 6903289B-9575-4A03-8E0C-C7FAD43C60E7

Hello again,

You might be having an issue with older drivers. Try updating the CPU and GPU to the most current versions:

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Thanks you for help man or woman, or group man or group woman, or group man and woman )))))
Happy new year!!!
You’re best of the best)))

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hey i was just playing last night, and now the launcher just appears as a black box.

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