Starcraft cooperative survival game?

What would people think about a starcraft version of like left 4 dead, vermintide or darktide? Where you are like a team of 4 either protoss or terrans or a mix of both with unique classes and abilities and doing like strike teams against the zerg or hybrid?

For example playing as a zealot having like a charge ability and you have to go in and destroy a psi emitter or something of the sort and you have 3 other allies who could be like high templar, dark templar or a marine. These classes could have unique abilities based on like sub classes with them similar to how unique the campaign units you chose between in legacy of the void where they all filled the same archetype but worked in different ways.

I would love to see a cooperative style survival of this sort of just being a strike team with the homies killing zerg together. I think it would be sick.

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