StarCraft 1 free won't launch

The game is installed, I hit Play, it says “Launching”, than the button shows again “Play” and nothing happens, no error messages. I tried turning off all Windows Defender security, tried running the game in 32bit, but same results.

Running latest Windows 10 Pro 64 bits version 20H2, build 19042.867 with Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0, system have 16GB RAM with an i7 quadcore processor, Nvidia GTX 1080ti.

Any idea of what can be done?

PS: StarCraft 2 runs just fine. The issue is just with the free StarCraft 1.

Howdy CaptainMara,

Can we try putting the game into windowed mode? To do this press the Options button (cogwheel) in the Blizzard app next to play then go to Game Settings, click the Additional Commandline Arguments for Starcraft and type:

No, all the same, game won’t launch with error: C982D7E0-99EE-44C9-B76C-ABF6FFC38809

Game does not even download. I hit the “play for free” key and nothing happens at all.