Solution for the scv floating bug

Simple, flag the binary that shows “Waypoint stack” and automatically send a message to the server and give said account NO WIN, even if that person win he will get no winning points for doing the SCV float. The other person should also not get a WIN or a LOSE, that makes it fair, annoying but fair i think.

The Waypoint stack could happen during game, maybe people will get it by mistake eventually in other context, but i ask openly: When does ANYONE really needs Waypoint stack other than to ramp hover of floating SCV now?.


Yup. This bug is in fact something that Blizzard needs to do something about. Mini, a runner-up of ASL season 11, lost to a random ladder player using this bug. The thing about this bug is that SCVs will not only stack and attack but they will move freely as if were a single unit, and MOVE THROUGH TERRAINS AND MINERALS. This bug will be more than likely to have worse effects on the community than the maphacks.

It’s not an exploit or hack. It’s part of the game since 1.12v DAY ONE. Very easier to have 12 SCV/Drones/Probes. Stacked on GAS Shift-click 5-8x and click on an enemy building.
It’s not an exploit or hack nor anything. It’s simply: Mechanic/Feature!

It still is an exploit/bug. The bug you are describing is not permitted to use in any official events. And by the way, the bug we are talking about here is not what you are describing. The bug you are describing doesn’t even come close to this one.

Please everybody is avoiding making it worse by explaining how to do it, if you can delete the message or modify it.

And yes it is not a Hack, who ever said that?. I just would like to see BLIZZARD implementing a small package sent when the Binary for the “WAYPOINT IS FULL” message or action is ON and make the game VOID until they fix it for sure. It is a nightmare for the game.


And exactly this, there are several bugs or exploits that are banned from competitive usage, SCV STACK, Waypoint"shift"stack to walk over Ramp, placing overser over Turrent etc… this one is on TOP OF THE LIST.

Remove the shift command for SCV’s, Drone’s and Probe’s. Should fix this issue.

LOL no…what? why?, what are you talking about, shift command is needed all the time that would be Ludacris.

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Was the simplest solution lol. Another would be not to allow workers to attack if they are stacked but would require a lot of work from Blizzard which sure they don’t want to do.

yeah tihs is a good solution but you should instead give player that is victim of this the win, and the other player the lose. If you are playing against this and get nothing in return you are wasting your time needlessly, at least give me the win because the other player is being dishonest. On the other hand you must punish by giving loss, if not players that are losing during the game may do this trick and automatically void the game.

Maybe just make a condition that makes you lose instantly if you do this kind of trick, like autolose, defeat announcement.

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Completely agree, i just noticed how dumb is to say that the other person gets a lose because then everyone will VOID games by pressing shift which is dumb.

As far as i know there is no easier way to flag this bug/exploit than just grabbing when the message appears and sending a message to the client/server that he should not get a win or a lose.

Another option is to deny the shift + attack option for workers, meaning if the shift key is pressed then the attack key is greyed out.

With how little Blizzard seems to care about either StarCraft game at this point, don’t expect this to EVER get fixed.
Fun fact: This bug wasn’t in 1.16. It was only introduced some time in Remastered.

treat the shift - ESC key command same as the ESC command, which is the case for morphing larva and ghost nuke.

blizzard has become a group of dimwits

What’s the point in “flagging” the exploit or dismantling actual game functionality? Remove shift commands for SCVs? Ridiculous.

How about actually just fixing the bug? They can even git blame on the specific function between 1.16 (does not exist there) and now and see what changed, or just do a binary search on commits to find the offending one.

treat the shift - ESC key command same as the ESC command, which is the case for morphing larva and ghost nuke.

IIRC it was never treated as a shift+command in the past even though the command had the field for shift+queuing, it wasn’t used. EDIT: I remembered incorrectly. It was queueable but interrupting it would clear the queue and fix the collision instead of doing what it does now.

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I agree with what @Heinermann said. Also, for when a fix is found, it would be really nice if there would be a whitelist that would allow only certain maps to use the scv floating bug. Or you could allow the bug to be used only on maps where you play vs CPU. For example, Special forces God (UMS map) is so much fun using this bug.

Not “removing the shift command” who ever said that?. I just think that there is no actual use for the shift waypoint in a real game, i think people will debate that “super recall” that was discovered 2 or 3 years ago is a legit use of it…maybe.

The only thing that i ask from Blizzard (not that they care) is that whenever the message “Waypoint is full” activates that person will not receive a Win or a Lose, the same way or similar to when a player disconnects. This will encourage player to stop using it.

In the other hand the other player will get his win.

I agree that by no means this is a serious solution from a Billon dollar company, and maybe you are right in the sense that if a flag to waypoints is done they will leave it for years to come… i 100% also prefer a real solution, specially as it was not on 1.16.

I mean everyone agrees that the BUG should be patched and fixed, but the problem is that wont happen.

I believe that meanwhile they should grab when the message “Waypoint is full” appears and flag the game as VOID or LOSE to the person that uses that.

UMS could use this without any problem as in reality it is used a lot there. There i no ladder for UMS so no problem.

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Solution to anything related to breaking the games that were released 10+ years ago, stop trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

Anyone here watch Falcon Paladin’s stream on Sunday. A player (RGB) got one scv sitting above hatchery and attacking it. Drones could only watch. Ended up killing the hatch. Wasn’t able to see if he stacked scvs but I assume that is what he did.

I mean i know where you are coming from, but is time to flag that Waypoint Limit, tell me one good reason why that should be open?. Is there any RANK related usage that is legit that requires you to press SHIFT like 17 times to make different actions?, if so point me to it please. It is only used to walk over ramps, do Nuke tricks and now floating SCVS. Maybe the only one is the supper recall.

Otherwise i know what you mean, but this was NOT in 1.16, did you actually knew that?.