Simple anti-hack system for blizzard

I think one of the reasons that most discourages people from playing broodwar is users who use map-hack

To avoid them, in the same way as in the observer mode when playing a game, a very easy way to prevent people from using hack would be to implement in the replays the same boxes that the observers can see. The same ones that point out the moment and the place where the players are looking at the map. Adding this in the replays I’m sure would make it much easier to detect these people and ban them.

Hi! If a replay converter from SC:R to SC 1.16.1 would be made, then there are tools for SC 1.16.1 that allow exactly what you have described.

So far no one has made any yet, to my knowledge.

Although, this thread brings this issue up:

Maybe the korean or chinese scene has made a convertor like that.
If you want to try your luck, use (chinese search engine) and (korean search engine). Just make sure to choose the appropriate languages when searching.

Baidu uses simplified chinese predominately.

Or you can create a thread over here, asking about such a converter:

You can also ask about this on these forums:

Hey PlumaLigera,

As your post is not a technical support issue and more of a suggestion, you’ll want to place it in the General Discussion forum.

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That said, SCR is no longer in development. So unless it’s picked back up again at a later date, how it is now is how it will likely remain indefinitely.

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