SCR's Graphic Issue in MacOS

Dear Blizzard Support,

I hope this message finds you well. I recently traded in my old MacBook, which unfortunately means I can no longer access the 2019 Mac version of StarCraft Remastered (SCR). I understand the limitations regarding refunds, but I must bring to your attention a significant issue.

The SCR on MacOS appears noticeably blurry, in stark contrast to the advertised crispiness of the game. The graphic is as bad as the free version of SC. It makes me wonder why I purchased this. Furthermore, there are significant delays in graphics within the game, such as menu and replay panel pop-ups. These discrepancies directly contradict the advertised quality of SCR and hinder the gaming experience.

As a loyal customer who has contributed to the history of Blizzard, I implore you to show responsibility and address these issues promptly. Under consumer law, there is a statute of limitations when a product fails to match its advertisement. Failure to rectify these issues could be perceived as a violation of the advertised quality of SCR, which continues to be sold.

Despite the relatively low cost of $15, I believe I have the right to expect proper support for a product I purchased at full price. I am willing to continue seeking a refund until these issues are resolved satisfactorily.

I urge Blizzard not to disregard the concerns of its customers, regardless of the price point of the product. Every customer deserves to receive the quality and support they were promised upon purchase.

I eagerly await a prompt resolution to this matter. Positive changes are always welcomed, and I remain hopeful for a swift and satisfactory response from Blizzard.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Hey GoldShark,

The issue you’re facing is that SCR is no longer in development. It was retired from development over three years ago. Thus, as it stands now, there won’t be any changes, upgrades, fixes, new content, etc made to SCR.

As computing technology continues to progress, SCR will not, thus it will fall further and further behind. Meaning, it’s performance will degrade more and more as tech continues to move forward.

? I also have the OS version on a old mac pc on sierra, if i remember correctly. The game looks sharp enough for me. All the complains you make here make it look, at least for me, as if would your laptop/ or whatever just not be good enough for the game…
I know there have been problems on newer mac laptops with the game, but honestly your whole comment looks like a troll complaining about its old pc.

You’re not encountering this problem because you own an Intel Mac. However, if you upgrade to a newer model equipped with Apple Silicon, such as M1 to M3 chips, you may find that the sharp, crisp screen advertised isn’t as visible.

Please see this comparison:

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