SCR here, Blizzard, it's your fault, not my graphics driver

I used to play, but now u say it’s my graphics driver is too old, what ? I have the latest version. Why I can still play it without problem 3 years ago ? Just leave anything as is if you cant do anything better. Dumb developer or do you Blizzard want to sell new computer for some corporation ? Really frustrating.

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me pasa lo mismo. Son unos inutiles!
no se preocuparon en probar el parche de mierda que hicieron.

Funny thing, they have PTR for trying this things, but PTR is working normally and they are testing this -useless feauture- in the normal version ¬¬

Yo I got same problem…

Y’all need to try uninstalling your display drivers and then run the check for update. I had this same problem and when I did this it updated my driver to a newer version. You uninstall your display driver like any other program. Go to control panel under programs click uninstall a program then find your driver (mine says Intel graphics controller) if you can’t find it try installing a different version and the install date will be on the day you installed it so you will know which one it is. Restart your PC, and then go to device manager and right click on your display driver and click check for update. Before it kept telling me everything is up to date when I did this it installed the new driver version and brood war now works.

This isn’t blizzard’s fault your pc is not recognizing that you need to update your driver. Idk why it was saying my driver was up to date as well until I uninstalled it than ran the check for update and it installed an even newer version than was listed on Intel or HP website and now the game works. GL!