ScmDraft 2 - Alternative starcraft map editor

Yeah, he’s done awesome work! It’s just a shame that Blizzard screws up his fixes for SCMDraft every time they release a new patch.

Thanks, I appreciate it =)

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Any chance you can make protected maps load? It’s really hard to reach, download an unprotector (and many of them don’t work vs. specific map) and unprotect every map individually.

I’ve never found a map I couldn’t unprotect using OSMAP2, maybe it’ll help you out.!a8xkwILB!iGeoIM12wrk5bY9sqqWuFw

I will echo the sentiment though. Map protection is pointless and only stifles the growth of mappers who don’t know how to breach it. At least showing a specific error saying ‘map is protected’ would be nice, but not sure if that is technically possible.

Protection vs. unprotection is a messy debate I do not want to get involved in, and I wouldn’t even be able to guarantee that the maps work as intended.

I have uploaded a new release that supports the new custom player color options =)


Excellent!!! Time to check it out!

I would just like to say thank you for making this really cool map editing tool. Without this, I wouldn’t have fun making my own maps and my own custom campaign!

I want a string ID in String Editor.
I need it when using EUD.

I’ll add it to the ideas list.

This might have already been solved, but I’m still getting my head around SCMDraft 2…

Are you able to add extra triggers?
In other words, can we add suggestions for triggers for you to add, or are we limited to the ones Blizzard already have?

You are limited to the triggers SC supports, but with EUD triggers (and external EUD trigger compilers) you can do some fairly fancy stuff.

Thanks for the response. Could you give me an example of this fancy stuff?

Also, if a map is made with SCMDraft 2, will it work on Broodwar 1.16?

Your best bet is (or discord) for help with that, I’m not an expert on putting that to use.

It depends - some features require SC:R, but then when doing save as it will let you know that.

Hi Everyone,
Hi Sinsanity!

First of all, I want to thank You for the fantastic piece of work. I’m using the SCMDraft 2 for many, many years and I’ve one question about colors of the players. The newest version of the editor contains 23 colors that we can choose for the units of the players. From when I remember only few from the additional colors are working on the single player maps that I’ve created. I want to ask if this content should work correctly or maybe I’m doing something wrong? The list of colors that work on my maps:

red - works correctly
blue - works correctly
teal - works correctly
purple - works correctly
orange - works correctly
brown - works correctly
white - works correctly
yellow - works correctly
green - works correctly (on every tileset)
tan - works correctly (on every tileset)
dark aqua - works correctly (on every tileset)
pale yellow - works correctly, but not on the snow and desert tileset
pale green - doesn’t work
grey - doesn’t work
cyan - doesn’t work
pink - doesn’t work
olive - doesn’t work
lime - doesn’t work
navy - doesn’t work
margenta - doesn’t work
black - doesn’t work

I’ve used the settings that You suggested in the conversation above nad I’ve a Remastered installed on the computer. I’ve that situation with the colors from when I remember, from the 1.16 patch. I’ll be very glad if You can help me or tell me what I’m doing wrong. Or maybe this feature is still being prepared?

Thanks for the answear!

Hello, as far as i understand this is the thread for map related situations.

I uploaded a map that is macro micro map, where a player makes the base and the other attacks with units, i want to open the map in Scmdraft2 (which i barely know how to use) but is not possible because it is “protected”, i know there are probably very good reasons for it to be protected, the creator meant to do it that way, but i want to learn how the map is made so i can adapt that UMS to other maps like Circuit Breakers.

My question for the community is: “How can i learn how that map is made and create new maps of the same type”, or “Can someone give me a serious hand on how to create new maps for this type of gameplay”

Thank you. Link below, i tried to upload to the website Nibbits but i couldn’t even create an account i think the website is off service for new registers.

https//easyupload io/eb30tj

(for the link to work just add a point next to easyupload)

Hi! I tried opening your map with Chkdraft (a map editor that can open protected maps in read mode only, but not all protected maps can be open by it), but it didn’t work. Luckily, it had worked with Macro Micro Python UltraFF.scx, which is also protected. I uploaded it here:

Here you can get Chkdraft:
I hope this helps!

Here’s a map archive of 2.3 GB, here I have found it:
To easily find a map, if you’re using Windows, I suggest using Everything by voidtools. I can’t recommend this tool enough for finding files:

how do you actually protect a map?

Thank you for the answer, the python map doesn’t work for me because it is an old version of the Macro Micro map, is just not the same, the mode was broken back then, i need to find a version of that map that i am able to open i have searched everywhere but i cant find it, i have no idea why the map creator was such a bad person.

The process or the tools?