ScmDraft 2 - Alternative starcraft map editor


It works! Thanks a lot!:+1:t3:


If you can reproduce the original error I would be interested in the cause. I suspect it has to do with the compression setting you are selecting, perhaps the wav compression code from '97 doesn’t like some modern sound files?


As I’ve documented here:

Starcraft can use 8-bit audio but it won’t be compressed. The game works best with the following configurations:
Mono 32000hz
Stereo 22050hz

This likely changed with the remaster, but may be relevant if the offending audio files were in a “nonstandard” format.




After recent patch in starcraft, SCM2 is not working. Plx check it


I have - the latest patch deleted a required file, I have sent details to blizzard in order to get that change reverted, but it is 3 AM in LA so it may not be done before monday.

As a work around you can use the MPQs from the staredit download and point scmdraft at those, until it is fixed.

EDIT: This is what the profile should look like, with the path changed to match:


It still won’t open certain maps. Thanks though for this workaround.


Scmdraft cannot open protected maps, but should be able to open anything staredit can.


The map I tried to open is not protected. I never protected this map.

It’s called Diplomacy or War East (version 025) and I uploaded it to Gamemaps and Staredit.

The error code I get is

Could not load a selected map


I can open the version available on staredit just fine.


but Scmdraft 2 cannot open it using the MPQ’s of Staredit.


It can - that is the configuration I am using. Make sure you are using all four MPQs, and that they are in the correct order.


Oh wow! Thank you so much! Saved my life


I have uploaded a temporary build that works around the issue in the latest patch here. Use this until the game is fixed.


Not much, but I donated to SCM Draft. Thank you for maintaining your program over the years.

Loved the program ever since I started using it. I can see improvements as time goes by. Love it.

It’s so good even blizzard is letting you take the reigns on the map making editor lol.

Sadly I was too little to show my support or donate before, but now I can!

Thank you again. (Please don’t disappear.)


Everyone give the guy who made SCMdraft a round of applause, and a monetary donation. This guy has done great work, I’m very impressed. Blizzard is lucky to be associated with him.


Yeah, he’s done awesome work! It’s just a shame that Blizzard screws up his fixes for SCMDraft every time they release a new patch.


Thanks, I appreciate it =)


Any chance you can make protected maps load? It’s really hard to reach, download an unprotector (and many of them don’t work vs. specific map) and unprotect every map individually.


I’ve never found a map I couldn’t unprotect using OSMAP2, maybe it’ll help you out.!a8xkwILB!iGeoIM12wrk5bY9sqqWuFw

I will echo the sentiment though. Map protection is pointless and only stifles the growth of mappers who don’t know how to breach it. At least showing a specific error saying ‘map is protected’ would be nice, but not sure if that is technically possible.