SC1R vs SC2 for PVE/Custom campaigns?

Hey all, I got SC2 years ago and finished it and quite enjoyed it. I just got the remastered version of SC1 and currently playing through the campaign and I’m also quite enjoying it. However, I’m not really interested in PVP and ladder. I’m mainly for PVE stuff and custom maps and campaigns.

Now the thing is, which one do you guys recommend I should stay with for PVE? SC2 has better QOL improvements and presentation and more accessible custom campaigns, but I also heard it’s not well supported by the community. On the other hand, I heard SC1 has much better maps but it’s relatively outdated. I heard most people that prefer SC1 is due to PVP and ladder instead.

Once I finish SC1, I’ll do SC2 again, but which one do you guys advice me to stay with after I beat both?

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There are a number of PvE custom maps online that people play on in SC1. However, it seems to be a dying or niche breed. Aside from ‘Use Map Settings’ (UMS) maps, there are few mods out there. There are, of course, many custom campaigns that I enjoyed.

SC2 has a larger playerbase, and its modding support allows for a great number of PVE opportunities. Its modernizations are also sometimes a breath of fresh air compared to SC1.

SC1 is, statistically, inferior. Most of its players have been playing it for years already such as myself. It has a large number of pitfalls when it comes to fighting AIs, there are few mods for it, and its limitations can make it hard to play.

Despite this I definitely prefer SC1. At the same time all the people I have introduced to it seem to reject it in favor of SC2. I personally think you might prefer SC2 since it simply seems to be a trend among those I’ve known.

tl;dr is essentially that SC2 has many more varieties for PvE and has a much larger community. SC1 has a number of limitations and much fewer options for PvE, but to me the gameplay is better. For you I’d recommend SC2 but ultimately it depends on your preference with gameplay.

Starcraft 1 has the better custom maps. Starcraft 2 has the better campaigns gameplay wise. Starcraft 1 missions are pretty trivial to beat save for the final three brood war missions Zerg missions and to a lesser extent, “To Chain the Beast”. That being said, the atmosphere of the SC1 campaign is certainly better, but that still doesn’t overcome the lack of difficulty.

The story of the second game’s campaigns is really bad. The bad writing did kind of start in Brood War but it really went off the deep end in SC2.

The entirety of the Heart of the Swarm campaign could be beaten with your eyes closed.

The atmosphere of the environments and the mission briefings, upgrades, etc was better in SC2, i agree about that.

SC2 is better for PVE as i said before; see Co Op missions, a mode dedicated to the matter. SC1 is better for PVP despite its lack of refinement in some areas.