SC Remastered not starting

SC Remastered does not start anymore, after clicking on “Play” in the program the game does not load.
The “Play” button changes to “Playing now”, then goes back to “Play”.
Previously it worked fine.

What went wrong?


el mío no carga el resmastered, regresó al antiguo SC quisiera saber a que se debe

У меня тоже не запускается игра, при нажатии кнопки “играть”, выходит сообщение об ошибке с идентификатором:


Я вынужден был переустановить Windows 10, после чего игра запустилась на моём компьютере.

What a terrible support. No answer after months…

Uselly, the support consists of other players and admins going around the forum helping other people. I wonder what happened ?
I remember when i was active here i was going around everyday helping docent of people, and there were many others aswell. I guess many just moved on with live and dont have as much time for this. Or maybe it is more about the small stones that creates waves thing.

You will most of the time never get help or support from the supposed real Blizzard people that are paid or do they even exist to handle this forum. At least it is still here i guess…

You can deinstall the game and reinstall it. This may fix it.

You could launch the game without the launcher. Maybe it works … Like this

Its been neglected since early june. I havent been able to login since then. Cant wait to take this game away from blizzard altogether.

would be nice if that trick in the video would work for me, but alas it does not