SC Remastered crashes on launch, Windows 10

Exactly as described. Error seems to change every time, have seen:

among others. PTR launches but does not appear to authenticate me, so Remastered graphics can’t be loaded.


Assuming that you’re using 64 bit Starcraft Remastered, it might be of help if you’ll switch it up to the 32 bit version, in the meantime.
To do that, head over to App, then click the Blizzard logo in the top left corner > Settings > Game Settings > Tick "Launch 32-bit client (instead of 64-bit).

Hope that helps!

Hi there OzKFodrotski,

I looked over this and think this crash is related to OneDrive running on this computer. Our games require the ability to dynamically write and update files. With this, programs like OneDrive, specializing in syncing files so they remain the same, can cause issues with this dynamic update process. As this is the case, we would ask you fully disable OneDrive.

•Right click OneDrive on the task bar
oIf not on the task bar, open the system tray on the taskbar to right click it. Identified by the ^ on the task bar.
•Pause syncing or close OneDrive

Let us know if this does not help. :slight_smile:


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same problem ??? CAn u make any crack or smth for that ;/