SC BW - Why do Korean players always come to Ladder games?


We lived in Turkey for many years and playing Starcraft Brood War community of gamer. Although Turkey is a country in Europe, we are constantly Korean players in the match with ladder game. Why always comes to Korean players in Turkey? Because the Korean players are going to play much lag when Turkish players. Enjoyable games are not played with Turn rate 8.

We watch players from other European countries, very few Korean players come to them. I think Blizzard, Turkey Is Asia may have added to the server? We do not enjoy ladder games.

Is there any method to solve this problem?
We’re calling out to Blizzard officials. Please add Turkey to the European servers.

Ladder is global, so you will meet players from all over the world. It first prioritises location and then MMR to find the best match making. Gateways only matter for custom games.