Return of the PTR

Only issue I’m having so far is that for PTR cloud settings are not loaded. Always says Download Failed after authentication screen and all the settings reset to default. Hate that cartoon mode is enabled by default by the way. :frowning:

Cartoon mode isn’t enabled by default for me, and what does it matter if PTR doesn’t have cloud settings? lol It is a PTR, it isn’t permanent man.

Does this change move us any closer to team match making? (Please say yes)

What is the purpose of the update? In the OP I see techno babble followed by “graphics performance improvements” and then cringe.
What’s this path lead to? When does the team deliver some enhancements to the experience beyond “performance improvements”?
When will the team focus on playability improvements?

tested for about 5 minutes. seems like same experience for me which is a good thing. I have to run in full screen mode on my computer for it to be smooth, but I have a weird setup, where I’m using G-Sync on my video card but my monitor isn’t G-Sync compatible. So it’s same as before for me (again, a good thing). Looks like there’s great news that others have their performance improved by quite a lot it seems.

Well done! PTR version runs smoothly both in main menu as well as in game. Unfortunately, many ramps still look awful like a square mass. Is there any chance to correct this?

Hi there,
I installed the PTR today and ran one test single player game on it since couldn’t find opponents.
Seems to work well, the menus feel much more responsive, which is definitely my biggest gripe with remastered as to how much worse the experience became.

Now I have to ask a really crazy question though. Since I’ve installed PTR and switched back to playing normal Non-PTR build, my computer has frozen/crashed 3x while playing starcraft, like major black screen, no graphical response crashes that force me to hard restart my computer.
Is there any possibility of the PTR causing this? I’ve literally changed nothing else on my setup and this only occurred after PTR install.

@Armathai, I would try right clicking the launcher icon and running as an administrator.

The ramps on maps such as La Mancha (and others with ramps going from the bottom to the top) look that way due to the mapping program used. The gross square masses are not ramps, but rather sprites used from ramps, which makes them look quite bad.

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Thanks developers for this change! Performance is so much better on MacOS Mojave – very noticeable improvement in both UI and in-game snappiness.


The PTR has better performance and looks better.
Before I had 300 FPS with some drops to ~290, now I have constant 300 FPS.
Also the DirectX version looks a bit brighter and I like it.

But the unit movement seems to be “in steps” compared to the normal version.

Good Game…patch :slight_smile:

Ive tried this out and my first impression is that this feels amazing! I’ve had a lot of issues with, for example the whole game freezing up when trying to access the options menu when in game and the everything starts to bug out if I alt tab etc. All of these issues seem resolved in this version. I could access the options no problem, I could alt tab without having to restart the game, I could access the “create” and “join” menus no problem when in the channel. Perfect!

My only issue is that the gameplay in game is very laggy. I played with a friend that is in my close proximity geographically, only us two in the game and it felt like the game was on slow motion for big chunks of the match. Tr8 extra high latency. Then in some moments came small periods where it worked fine and it felt like it was maybe even faster than normal(but probably it was normal just that it had been in slowmotion for the last 5 minutes so by comparison it felt like turbo) and then it came back slow motion again and units reacting 7-8 seconds after the command having been issued. This part made it unplayable really unfortunatly.

But other than that it felt fantastic and I could do stuff I havent been able to do since remastered and I’m following this with great interest! I hope you guys find a way to solve the above mentioned part with the ingame lag cause if that was decent this would pretty much be the game I remember from my childhood again and I could play this again fully. That would be fantastic!

@AlbertShulgn , I am an ex Technician / troubleshoot internet issues a lot, I am pretty sure this is due to your internet connectivity / your friends internet issue, there are no lag issues on the PTR, and the only lag I am experiencing as of late is vs Koreans on the ladder. You would need to trouble shoot the issue with more than just one person, one device, and one internet connection to get an accurate result. I hope your issue is fixed.

On a macbook pro late 2015 model, with Catalina, FPS in HD is increased to 60 FPS (which is great! I think I used get around 39 FPS), but SD is now also capped at 60 FPS.

I imagine that’s because the display is 60 Hz – however, and I’m not sure if this is placebo or not, but now both modes feel (equally) a little choppy, whereas SD at 200 FPS seemed to be smoother previously (and HD unplayable).

SD graphics is still looking terrible, so no improvements there. Please remove the silly compression algorithm, and only use it for the HD assets, because it makes no sense the way it is now.

UI seems more responsive, but still not instantaneous like in 1.16.1 (even in SD).

edit: The 60 FPS cap in SD is definitely causing choppiness. Would be better to max it out like the regular version does at 200 FPS

i dont have video card but i will try anyway

look with a bit of lag for me i don’t have a dedicated video card , but run better i thing

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Yeah, V-sync was off. Turning it off or on made no difference. I found, however, that going to windowed, and then back to windowed-fullscreen made the FPS go up… It reached a 100 in HD and 150 in SD! Damn, lol :smiley:

Should probably test on windows 10, but there’s not enough space on my bootcamp partition to install PTR I think…

(MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015), Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB)

edit: I tested on windows 10 as well. 60 FPS cap both on HD and SD, whereas I get 100 FPS on HD with the live version.

On the PTR, In windowed mode, it goes up to 200 FPS, but once switching back, the FPS drops down.

PTR works good on Win10 with GTX 960.

Feels the same as before with no issues.

Played a couple games. No issues. Menus and games felt smooth and solid.

Will play some more in the coming days.

Leviathan want to play some games? What server are you on? ^^

Just wanted to say a hugeeee thank you to the Starcraft Remastered team. Seriously, you guys are one of the few good guys out in the gaming world and I wish you guys all the best. This game means a lot to me and I’m so thankful for the faithful work you guys do. It really means a lot. Thank you so much!

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