Replays not working correctly

The replays will run normally until about half way where all the units will just stop. Some actions will go and others wont so it creates a whole new storyline. My family likes to replay the games and talk about them but this has eliminated the purpose with new stories to watch. Please help! It happens on multiple computers, not just one.


Yeah! I have this bug issue often too… Can you solve it, pls!

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How can i watch my starcraft1 (original) replays?

This is an issue that came with one of the updates last summer that has yet to be fixed. I don’t even know if they’re looking into it. I’ve been doing my fair share of complaining about it for a very similar reason to the one that you mentioned, but it doesn’t seem to matter to Blizzard. It’s honestly quite bad for their reputation because the replay function has always been a part of the game, so it should be mandatory that it works BEFORE an update is released. It makes me wonder whether they actually test their updates before releasing them. Having it break every old replay after one update is bad enough, not bothering to fix it is just a disgrace to the game and the entire community. I hope that they fix this sooner than later.


I just finished an epic team melee, saved the replay, and it just made up its own story from the very beginning. Apparently my team mate and myself didn’t gather a single mineral and didn’t even move our SCVs. The replay continues for 2 hours of the other teams expanding and taking over our base eliminating us in 2 minutes, when we actually won the game.

This is so disappointing Blizzard… If you’re not able to make the Replay function work, take it out.


Confirm this bug with some of replays is still exist.
Hey Blizzard can you fix it please?

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Having similar issue with replay, can you please fix? is this a common issue ?
i am running the game on Windows 11 23H2

Isnt this just the normal replay glitch that sometimes happen?
Or does it happen with every replay?
To counter the glich you want to use replays of others people that played the same game, or an other observe,etc.

This is still not fixed.