Replays created prior to 1.23 are not played back correctly

Reopened this since Grant was working with you all on this. Sorry for the mix up.

IS Grant ok ? Or why did he disappear ? I hope the problem isnt to big …

Thanks for the replay file CrypticMoth, and I’m sorry it has taken so long for us to investigate this issue. Your replay file was very helpful.

It seems that we did indeed fix a crash bug in the AI which had an unintended side effect of breaking replays involving AI in our 1.23.0 patch.

There’s good news and bad news unfortunately. The good news is that we should be able to release a patch that allows the older replays to play back correctly. The bad news is that newer replays involving AI participants may break (since they expect the crash fix to be present). In short, replays involving AI participants recorded between 1.23.0 (9 July 2019) through 1.23.3 (7 April 2020) may not play back correctly once we release a fix for this issue.

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I’m glad that the replay that I sent helped. This gives me hope that I may be able to watch my replays again after all. I personally actually haven’t saved many at all since the 1.23.0 patch. I think that almost all of mine are older. Thanks for your work on this. Cheers!

Hi, Grant. Thanks again for working on this issue. The fix in the patch appears to work for my replays. I still have a couple replays that playback with idle units towards the last 5-10 minutes of the replay, but the vast majority of them are playing back normally now. I’ll have to look into whether or not there’s any connection between the ones that start acting weird towards the end, but I think that the original issue of idle units after about 7 minutes has been fixed!

I appreciate the updates which fixed the replays created with AI prior to the 1.23.0 update. They’re working for me now as well!

Ironically, I had sort of fixed this for myself by making a copy of an older 1.22 installation from a family member’s computer and running that (disconnected from the internet to prevent any auto-patching) when I needed to watch an older replay. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do the same thing for 1.23.3.

I don’t suppose Blizzard has ever considered releasing standalone patches (like from the old days when there was a public FTP server)? That way if replay (or other issues) crop up in the future, users can roll back to a working version. That would at least let single player features remain accessible to users having problems with the current version.

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