Replays are STILL broken

Since 1.23.0 all replays that were created prior to the update have not been working properly. The game plays out differently than it did when the replay was saved with any human player’s units not performing any new actions after a certain point. This has been going on for a while and I was even asked to send in a replay file and provide an explanation of what happens as opposed to what should happen. I did this and I was asked when the replay was created and after giving the exact date, I haven’t heard anything since. There have been several updates since this problem started and it hasn’t been fixed. I’m really getting impatient and annoyed with this because I have a ton of replays that I can’t watch anymore. Either fix it or allow me to rollback to a version of the game that actually works as it should. This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t even have to bring this up. I feel like I’m putting more effort into this issue than Blizzard is, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

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Just for your information, sometimes I had that same issue on the CD original version.

Hola los replays que se guardaron todos estan dañados ya que parece que solo los obreros minan, adicional a esto pense que solo era mi replay pero tambien mis compañeros tienen el mismo problema. Necesitamos ver el replay para subirlo a nuestro portal Porfavor ayuda!!!