Remastered bots? Better singleplayer?

It’s been nearly a year and a half since release and singleplayer hasn’t even gotten a glance. No remastered bots, no remastered singleplayer modes. It kind of sucks seeing nothing but new ladder features in the patchnotes while the singleplayer aspect of SCR becomes more and more irrelevant :/.

Why has the AI not been updated since 1998? When the AI doesn’t lock up and stop working, it’s too strong for new players and too weak for experienced players. There’s no difficulty slider or customization whatsoever.
You cannot play offline team games; you’re only stuck with free for all or melee. I’m fairly certain if singleplayer had gotten an actual remaster it would do well for attracting new people to the game. Right now it’s just … barren and uninviting.

My question to the devs is, do you have any actual plans for singleplayer? Bots? Offline Top vs Bottom? Anything to improve the experience for casual and new players alike?


Carbot is a remake of the campaign too which is something tho.

I’m still waiting for the allied spawn position options as a new players (but not only) accessibility tool.

P.s. There are plenty of fan made AIs for 1.16.1 if you find the client and the AI packs like BWAILauncher.


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For the fan-made 1.16.1 AIs, wouldn’t you need a second installation of Starcraft that isn’t tied to battlenet? Aka installing from CDs. You can’t downgrade SCR without battlenet re-updating it.


No, SC 1.16.1 is available for free ever since blizz themselves released classic SC for free. Use this fan-made tool:!jgJSFI7A!QrUfr0kvsjdiRIOwqGswJfW2xVwGyUiCMs5z_dRnY0Q

Yes you need a second installation with no bnet

Pretty sure those AI are only for 1v1ing.

You cant have like a 3v5 ai bots with BWAI

hello jimbo, congrats to your 300th account

Would be nice. I love the artstyle and aesthetic of Starcraft 1, and would love to see weird SP or COOP stuff for the game. As it stands SC:R is incredibly uninviting to players who aren’t interested in MP.

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Well the thing is the Campaign are quite similar to many other maps created by the community, they only got mostly better story, audio, cinematics between the campaign missions, etc.
The “multiplayer” gives you access to certain maps, you never knew about … The only problem is that it seems that new maps have a hard time, i got some nice maps, but many are for more than one player…
There are Ai scripts you can use to create your own “campaigns” … But well, they bug sometimes, most of the time the “experts” create, use some triggers to inflate the AI difficulty, by cgiving them a bunch of units out of nowwhere, etc.

There are many AIS created by some people, in fact there are hole books, articles, university thesis about Ai, function, how to create in “starcraft brood war” …
THere Ai leagues and all that …
The question is what do you want ?
Some nice new "campaign maps " and / or some AI you canplay against on some familar maps …

Here are some websites with some intresting mappacks… one has 1 player and 1player against many AI maps

Map Packs Archive Download:

Google: Gitlab starcraft brood war forever
one of the first options it should be…

The other thing with AI scripts, and Ai generally to use to play against… Iam doing research on it … Best you reply or something, should i find some easy way for you to get one … At the moment, with the things i know, it seems you need an external application to play with one… MAybe i find some Website where you can download from , anyway …
Good luck on the path… lol cant put links in my comment …
Than google : gitlab starcraft brood war forever there you get nice map pool … archieved and all …

Thx jimbo but can you just keep it contained in one singular the100you account instead instead of spamming


I know this is a bit of a Necro Thread; but I really wish the Devs would consider an APM throttle, vs game speed; I expect no one really wants to watch their SUVs slog through mud, or seem too. And it would help the single player Skirmish game a lot I think. It would allow new players to be more competitive vs the AI and better players could ramp it up. After all there is a meter now, so that tells me the code is half way there anyhow. I love now in SC:R I can set a warning if my apm drops below 60; if it ever got up to 60 that would be by far my best game ever been, I simply don’t have that kind of hand/brain speed. I average 60hrs a week at work, so for me this game, is just that a game, a diversion, but it would be nice to be able to enjoy a competitive single player skirmish against the AI.

I like SC much better than Dawn of War in most ways, Graphics, Lore, no tedious praising the emperor all the time; but in Dawn of War I can play a competitive skirmish in Normal mode and SC:R not even close.

Well yea because SC came out in 1998 and DoW 1 came out in 2004. The idea of having diffrent ai difficulties for vs cpu wasnt really a thing back then.

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Back then, if you wanted a different difficulty challenge you just played against more AI opponents.

False, you can play 4v4, 3v5 and so on with mixed and randomized AIs (Both cheating and not cheating)

I really wish we had TvB mode in single player so kids could play team games with the AI using “Black Sheep Wall”.
A great way to introduce young folks to the game

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You mean in multiplayer matches:
Someone on Teamliquid was suggesting the same:

The CoachAI can do that (allow you to


in the dark/fog, or as some like to call it, maphack):

But as you can tell, its a cheat unless all players agreeing or all are using the CoachAI.

I agree. I still wish this game had a modern ai. It will get so many ppl get into the game.


Sure thing! I hate playing against people I would prefer playing against bots. Playing against people and having a 50% win/ lose rate feels like loosing all the time for me. I would prefer to play against AI and win almost always. (besides, you never know when the internet will become a lag disaster and kill your game here)

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Agree. With a finegrading AI people could learn any game because they will get better and better in corelation to a players skill so that the game is all the time hard enough.


Actually, you can play team games with the bots. Don’t go into “Singleplayer”, and instead, head “Multiplayer”. Head either into online or local, and create a game. Once your in the game lobby, set all the empty slots to computers. You can pick whatever race you want to be, and this can go all the way to 1v1-4v4. And yeah, that’s it, your can enjoy a team game with bots.

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